Monday, March 24, 2008


I haven't completed my computer bag yet. I was going to work on it over the weekend, but I couldn't bring myself to stay inside to sew with the sun shining outside! It was just too pretty to be inside.

My husband took off Friday and we worked in our backyard Friday and Saturday... but only in the mornings. He has some fence pickets to replace and a couple of posts that had rotted out, and I cut back some of the overgrown plants in the back. However, after lunch we each found a book to enjoy and sat out back to enjoy sunshine and our quiet time. It was supposed to be cold and rainy by we didn't want to waste the day. Hopefully, by the end of the week, I'll have the final touches one my computer bag.

Sunday we attended FBC's sunrise service. It was terribly windy and cold, but we brought blankets and wrapped up to hear the message and see the sunrise. Unfortunately, with Easter being so early this year, we got a wonderful glimpse of a full moon setting and just as the service ended, a peek at the sun rising.

The service was a great reminder that "while it was yet dark" Mary went to the garden...and she meet Jesus! A reminder for me, specifically, to always be looking, because in the looking He will be found!

The two sisters, who attended the service, came back to the house for breakfast. Sister number one and her husband had arrived at the house with Austin (our new one month old grandson) and Lauren (our 6 year old granddaughter.) It's always a sweet time to be together as a family and just spend time with each other...we really enjoy each other's company. After cleaning up dishes it became competition time. Lauren challenged each of us to a WII game of bowling. She's learned she can "roast" (she means smoke) each of us at that it is now her favorite. She did "roast" each of us...and is currently high score on the bowling game. All in all it was a very quiet and relaxing Easter!

Today my BFF-Jani shared with me a special picture of her sister and her taken over the Easter weekend. Her sister has been quite ill and they have not had a lot of "sister" time in the last few months due to the distance between them. Jani left last Thursday so she would have the maximum number of days to be with her sister so they could just hang out together and spend some time with her sister's new granddaughter.

I decided to surprise her with a little collage' of the two of them. (I actually made two so she could share one with her sister.) She'll be here later for dinner, so I know she'll be pleased and surprised!

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