Sunday, April 13, 2008


The computer bag is completed. There are several things I would do differently when (if) I make another one, but I'm pleased with how it turned out. I "be-dazzled" the front and fancied it up...just have to add the shoulder strap. I sewed the side handles on and thought that might be enough, but I have taken the bag several places and missed having the shoulder strap, so that will be added this week.

It has large pockets inside and an outside zipper pocket that will hold a file folder. Lots of room and a separate compartment for the battery and cord. I love the inside color...the pink flowers just make it fell old fashioned (even though it's a high tech carrier.)

Before I left last weekend for Houston, I made an apron for a bridal shower. My friend ordered it for her niece (to be). The blue stripe I had from another project but the paisley is new. The pattern is a copy of an old apron I have that I think is cute. I like the look of a little skirt peeking out. I also added buttons (my friend is crazy about buttons).
I still have so many to sew before our "Cowgirls of Faith" event in July. I need to REALLY get busy sewing! I have plenty of vintage tablecloths that are in bad enough shape to cut up and make new aprons.
More on aprons later....

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