Friday, May 30, 2008

Farm Re-visited

I thought I would take the picture of the farm, from below, and take a little poetic license! I'm a little unhappy with the look of the flowers...maybe I'll paint over them and start again? I liked the house without the fence and the trailer, but left the outhouse...added a clothesline and a few chickens. Cow? Maybe...I'll leave it for a few days and decided how it needs more work.
It's been awhile since I painted anything...guess a little more practice would alleviate that rusty feeling!
But..I still had time to decorate my jar I got at a garage sale...I put my vintage pot holders in it and covered the top with a piece of vintage tablecloth. I had some left over trim...whole new purpose for a "piece of junk" (as Oma would say!)
I love junk!

1 Cowgurls said:

Emily said...

I think the picture looks WONDERFUL! but it definitely would not be complete with out a cow or a cow head... or maybe a jaw bone full of teeth with two little girls with pliers pulling the teeth out... haha just a suggestion! or maybe you should paint a copy for Steph and I with that special request! or Maybe send it to Tante Margrit and include some real teeth too! haha but seriously it looks good Mom!!