Thursday, May 22, 2008

Memories - Back to the Farm

Many a happy time has been spent in this little house! Many a memory was created - right out of thin air. Some were created with horses, some with "deceased" cows (or live ones), small bikes, discarded boards and wild imaginations! husband, myself, our 3 girls (each with a friend in tow) little Katy and/or Sean, would spend spring breaks, vacations, holidays and any other times we could sneak away to our "little" farm.
The girls learned so much from each visit to this magical place. They were given the freedom to explore and exert their independence in ways that could never be achieved in the city. There was 300+ acres and they could roam as they pleased, as long as they had on their cowgirl boots and could see the house (which was on the highest point of the property.)
Each visit brought excitement as they laid out their plans for the week. For Ashley, only riding horses or working with the cattle. made her happy Any excuse to be at Uncle Nelson's. Emily, only wanted to ride her bike as fast as she could, or fish, or climb something that was high, or maybe find something dead she could shove in her pocket...excitement was under every rock for her! Each moment was a brand new adventure. For Stephanie, the gentler soul, following her sisters, always watching to see what they're going to do. Entertaining the younger ones, petting any it dog, cat, horse...anything that could be shown her love.
Each girl's personality had opportunity to shine at the farm! They each had their own agenda which would help develop their ability to fly further and further from the nest. They tested their wings of independence, and each found their own rhythm in the quiet and solitude of the farm.
Each day was spent in their own imaginary world. No organized play time and no time constraints! Each day was a new adventure...a new world to explore. They set their own pace, decided on their own games, whether to play alone or with each other. Ride horses, ride bikes, walk to the tank, fish, lie in the grass and watch the clouds, hike to Arrowhead many different options, yet each choice was strictly their own decision. The trajectory of their day was in their hands.
Each girl has grown and left the nest....each flying their own path. I can't help but think those early years, spent at the farm, helped them to fly on their own. To make wise choices, consider the consequences and know...the trajectory of their lives are now in their hands!

1 Cowgurls said:

Emily said...

wow reading this made me tear-up a little.. oh how i miss those days! No worries or cares in the world... no work to worry about, just exploring something new everyday! how i wish we could have those days back! we really need to go out there for the weekend SOON!