Thursday, June 5, 2008

Blackberry Time

I can pick blackberries morning and evening - but we can only eat so many a day! This is just a "small" area of where the blackberries are taking over. There are so many new ripe ones each morning when I wake. I try to get out early (before the heat) to pick the over night ones - and back outside again, after dinner when the sun is low to pick the ones that have ripened over the course of the day.

I pulled out my recipe box to look over all the goodies I can (should) be making always putting a bunch into the freezer for later in the fall!

This morning we had a handful on our oatmeal. Another hand full (just picked) for snack. I also made a pan of sherbet. I actually made the base yesterday afternoon. What a mess! I neglected to screw the bottom on the blender properly, so when I picked up the blender to pour the mixture into my chinoise to strain out the seeds....well, let's just say it looked like a flowing fountain. All over the counter & the blender...lovely site.

Once cleaned up...I made more and poured it into my pan to freeze for 8 hours. Once it's frozen I have to break it up and mix it with a blender/mixer...then back into the freezer for 3 more hours. That's where I'm at now - ready to put back in the freezer so it will be ready for dessert tonight.
YEAH! Now what? Cobbler? Jam? Pie? Cheesecake? Rote Grutze? Blackberry blintzes? Kuchen? (Wonder if I can make pflaumenkuchen and substitute blackberries...think that's on my list for tomorrow!)
For now...I'm thinking I need to perfect a blackberry margarita recipe...refreshing for those "front porch Friday's" to the kitchen.........................................

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