Thursday, August 7, 2008

Antiquing on the Square.

Prissy has a week of vacation, so she came up today to spend the day antiquing in downtown McKinney. The square is all torn up with the construction of new, wider sidewalks, which will be great for the downtown restaurants to offer outdoor seating. BUT, for was a mess. Workmen and torn up streets everywhere!

There are so many good places to shop - although several good antique stores have closed.

This Antique Mall has Herby's Soda Fountain as part of their attraction, but because of all the construction they have closed it for the summer.

They did sell us a coke to drink while we roamed their isles...but it was just not the same.

We ended up eating Mexican food for lunch and enjoying a vary large glass of ice tea! It was only 100 degrees today - cooler than it has been.

Prissy was on the hunt for some small items to fit on a shelf she hung this week. I tried to talk her into a collection of poodles - but she wasn't convinced. Everything seemed to have a "bird" theme today, but she wasn't biting! She did find her a nice red metal trivet for her kitchen.

My next big find for her was this herd of donkeys and elephants - but once again, she was not convinced to buy them. She just couldn't catch the vision!

All in all - we enjoyed our day and the few treasures we were able to scour from all the "junk". We caught up on all the family gossip and talked about Aaron and Shannon's big coup of an article about their business in the New York Times! It was nice to catch up and spend the day together as we leisurely strolled through all the stores. No place to be and no rush to move on.

Most of the store owners were very chatty today. Seems the destruction of the downtown has hurt every ones business. Hard to get around from one side of the street to the other with all the sidewalks missing.

I'll just be extremely happy when all the construction is completed and our small town is back to normal!

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