Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lions, Tigers and Stephanie - Oh My!

Today we drove to Wylie to visit Stephanie at the Wildlife Preserve where she volunteers on Saturday's. We didn't get there in time to see them move the big cats from one cage to another (some other day)...but she showed us around while she was working.

It was hot, so most of the Tigers were sleeping. The large one in the back ground (behind the blue barrel) decided he didn't like Peter getting too close to the cage.

He decides to get up...he came right up to the fence and hissed at Peter then lunged at the fence and stood u p on his hind legs...I didn't get that picture...I jumped!
The young female was in the tub - the big male tiger even scared her when Peter came around to her side to take a picture with his camera that big guy lunged and growled loudly!
Stephanie with her "pooper scooper".
Stephanie's "safely" in the cage! I'm on the outside!!!!
Here she's feeding marshmallows to distract the animal while another girl gets in the cage to clean up.She loves those Marshmallows. You can't really see the Coati Mundi (part of the raccoon family) but Stephanie is keeping her in another cage inside the main cage because of her sharp claws...The lions were napping...
as were the leopards...and the white Bengal tiger. All in all we had a great time with Stephanie and watching her work at something she really enjoys. We left there about 2:00 and hungry, so on the way home we stopped for Barbeque! Then...home for a nap!

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