Thursday, August 21, 2008

Moving - Back on Track!

It seems like life and work have gotten in the way of my upstairs move project the last few days...but I have been "hunkering down" (a hurricane terminology) yesterday and today...and working like a mad woman upstairs. I have felt the NEED to get these rooms in order and no longer feel it hanging over my head. Once they are organized I know I can begin creating again. I pretty well "thought" I had finished the sewing room last night, but alas...on my sister's last visit she left me with bags of her cast off there a place for this also? There were also other items hiding in the Art room once I got moving stuff around in, still things to put away in the sewing room.

This morning - GOOD NEWS! I have been able to make big progress on the Art side of the big room and get things in place and organized. I declare that room finished (just the art side). Peter brought his wooden drafting table upstairs and I put it next to my glass one with a bookcase in the middle (to share supplies.) I think we can get along and work side by side! :>) The other side of the room has shelving Peter installed so I could have all my paints and painting supplies close at hand. I use my metal table for soldering jewelry and Lauren uses it for her art projects (wipes off easily!)
Everything has a place - and for today - everything is in it's place! However the other side of the room is holding all the "extra" furniture that is now being offered to the "relatives" before I sell it. I have my couch I'm in the process of recovering (still needs the ruffle) and another chair that has to be recovered (the stuffing is coming out). But, once the other pieces are gone I'll have a nice little sitting area to entertain my best girlfriends!
Lauren has been begging to come over and play in her new room - so she's peeking into the new nooks and crannies to see what all she has in her room to be played with. All her art supplies are organized and easily accessible for her to create...but for today she's playing with her "girls" and dressing them all in "new" clothes!
Now that she's entertaining herself I'll finish the very last of the sewing room....back in a few! is done. I have an old shelving unit (from when the girls were small) in the closet and I have been able to store a lot of my "extras" (batting, purse parts, interfacing, etc.). With the last of what Prissy brought over stored away, I'm ready to begin creating in my new sewing room. Peter came up to hang my red shelf last night (even during the Olympics - but I did have the TV on for him!) I can store some of my inspiration books and bluebonnet pictures - and on a whim change them without making a new hole in the wall! (There is still a lot of trays and art to hang in here, but I need more hangers to get that part done.)

This table holds the new embroidery machine. Can hardly wait to try it out and see if I can make heads or tails of the instructions. (Heads and Tails makes me laugh....we have a street by that name in McKinney and Miss Jani thinks it's a stupid name for a street ~LOL!~)My serger is on the return of the desk area. Peter hung up my white board and my thread holder under the shelves so they are easy access now.
The sewing machine is right under the window - maximum light. Looking down all the cabinets toward the closet, I love the clean lines of the cabinets and knowing all the fabric is in hiding (and not becoming faded) behind the cabinet doors. I have my comfy chair so I can sit and "shop" my fabric, when the doors are open, and decide what I will create next.

All in all - I love my new room. I also entertained my first visitor in my new sewing room! Maybe he'll learn to crawl in this room!

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