Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On the Move - Lauren's Room

Well...I got all the fabric off the shelves in Lauren's room (don't mention the closet yet!) I have pretty well filled the shelves in my new sewing room - so I'm going to have to decide what to do with what didn't fit (purge?) I worked hard in the sewing room all morning and when I realized it wasn't going to all fit - I moved on to Lauren's room, figuring I could at least finish another room today! Her bed is made and her pictures are hung. Her kitchen area is set and ready to cook a meal for her "girls."
Her dresser is stocked with all manner of dress up clothes and various jewelry items and hats so she can be anyone she dreams up (usually a cowgirl!)
The shelves are now filled with books, art supplies, little girl toys (and of course boy toys for when Austin gets big enough to want to play in the room.)
And last, but not least, a bed for Austin...and one for Lauren's girls!
All in all...good progress today, but not sure now when the sewing room will be finished. I'll have to consult my "Facility Planner" and re-group! More to come!!!!!!

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