Monday, August 11, 2008

On the Move - Organized Office

I have worked at home for almost 10 years. During most of those years my office was a small corner in my bedroom. I had a desk and it held my computer, my printer and the the drawers were stuffed with papers I needed. It was sufficient, but there was no real storage for my "things". It was also hard to feel I was ever "gone" from my work. It was always there...always in my face when I entered the room. But...the joy and freedom from being able to work at home out weighed any inconvience I felt. I was happy...

THEN...the girls began moving out. First Xhenita, then Stephanie and finally Emily. We were officially empty nesters! I didn't think we'd ever reach this point in our lives. So many empty rooms - 4 to be exact...maybe it's time to move and downsize? Doesn't appear that's in the cards currently, considering the housing market - but not to worry - I had a "plan" for all that lovely empty space! Three bedrooms and a living area - what could I do with all that space?

In the beginning when Xhenita left I made her room my sewing room. It was small - but very cozy. After sewing for years on the dining room table - it was heaven! I had an area for my machine and with Peter being a Facilty Manager - he knew "furniture people" I had storage.
Next Stephanie left and her room was converted into a "Cowgirls" room for my granddaughter, Lauren. I moved in all the old toys left over from the girl's childhood. Used Fisher Price little people, old record players with Disney book records, dolls, baby beds, stuffed animals, games - anything a little girl could use to spin into an afternoon of fun filled adventure.

Finally...Emily decided it was time to be on her own...and she had just decided on a color and painted her room - a lovely blue and brown theme! But, she' made her mind up - so another empty room. This one was to be my office!

I moved the girl's desk in from the big room upstairs. I had also refinished an old desk that I had been using and moved it in (Of course, I would need a craft desk!) I had the book case Peter designed and built me several years ago...discarded furniture from other areas - and the room came together.

Sitting at my desk I'm surrounded by my favorite art and pictures of family and friends.

There's also art created by my niece, Nicole Heinle.... and the bookcase Peter built.
From my craft desk I have all my supplies handy for instant inspiration and ongoing projects. I love my old hymnal rack I found at a junk store.
All my scrapbook, collage' and bookmaking supplies are kept close at hand. Sometimes when email/work frustration sets in - I can turn to my craft desk and work on a project...even a few minutes puts perspective back into my work day and I can continue on!
And all my favorite art book now have a home!
I love working at home...and more so now that my office is organized and complete.

BUT...I still have 3 more rooms to finish! I am currently in the process of swapping out my sewing room with Lauren's room. While we were in Canada my mother-in-law gave me her embrodriery machine and another serger! That put me out of space in my little sewing room, so Lauren gave her OK to swap the two rooms.

Peter and I worked all day Saturday getting stuff from Lauren's room into the big room and my office, then moving my sewing stuff into Lauren's old room...and finally putting Lauren's stuff into her new room. I still have my "wall of fabric" in her room and fabric storage unit. I'm going to leave all the storage in there for her to put her toys and games on since I have new cabinets (with doors) to put my fabric into. Right now I have my sewing stuff in my new room, but until I get the cabinets in place to hold the fabric - it's a mess
Tomorrow - another day - and hopefully I'll finish the sewing room and get all the fabric moved! I'm anxious to learn how to use the embrodiery machine and begin working on items for my next event "Round Up on the Range" much fabric - so little time to sew!

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