Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Projects, Meetings, Shopping

During our time in Canada this summer we visited with my husband's elderly Uncle. He is 87 years old and lives alone. He loves tending his gardens (floral and vegetables) and he has many varied beautiful roses that he has grafted himself. He also keeps himself busy with his many hobbies. His basement is filled with his works completed and currently in progress. He said he likes to keep busy but his eyes get tired pretty quick, but he works as long as he can, then gives his eyes a rest.

One of my very favorite things he does is a type of Scherenschnitte(paper cuttings.) However, the patterns he cuts are his own creation and he cuts them from aluminum, wood, paper, etches them in glass...each pattern more beautiful then the last. He was so humble in his explanation of where he gets his pattern ideas...he just draws them up! So there!

We took a lot of pictures of his patterns while we were there and I had an idea to honor him by making a small quilt. I copied one of his patterns onto fabric and quilted around the picture. I then built the rest of the quilt around the block, keeping with the black and white theme. I haven't finished quilting it because Ashley and Austin showed up to pick me up for a lunch meeting. We meet with the other members of the McKinney Cowgirls Market to discuss our next event (Roundup on the Range) and debrief about our last event (Cowgirls of Faith.) Lots to plan and lots to do before the October date...plus just to keep motivated so we can finish strong at our December show!After lunch at The Pantry we wandered down to Market Square Antique Store to look for scrabble tiles. (Ideas are always rumbling around the brain for new things to make.) However, while we were there, Austin found something he liked! He took a little ride! He kept trying to make it jump like his horse does at home - but I think he enjoyed the ride and the opportunity to get out of the stroller!
He like that horse!

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