Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Still on the Move - Sewing Room!

Today is one of my two days a month to go into the "office" - so no time to move today. I phoned Peter as I left Heath to head home to McKinney - and he decided I should come through Dallas to pick him up for lunch (it was already 1:30 PM) and then decided he would work the rest of the afternoon from home.

We stopped on the way home and had a great lunch...sitting outside next to a waterfall at a new restaurant called Brio. It was a relaxing time with delicious food, good conversation and great company. It was a nice treat for the middle of the week (and no dinner tonight!)

When we arrived home...I had to call an official meeting with my personal "Facility Planner" about the need for another fabric cabinet! I needed his thoughts on how the room should be changed to accommodate another large piece of furniture. I wanted him to map it out for me on his autocad, but he wouldn't fire it up to change the original drawing. I wanted an official document...but he's not convinced I need it (HA! That just means he doesn't want to move another cabinet upstairs!)

We met briefly in the sewing room to assess the situation then moved to my office to discuss a plan of action (and I have a place to put my feet up for a more official meeting! Luckily I had painted my toenails!) He's really into this meeting. I'm sure he's thinking "NAP!" He did discover all the good books I had on my bookshelves! I think he'll be borrowing from my library. He will be out all day tomorrow at an off site meeting - so it won't be until Friday that another cabinet can come home - so I guess tomorrow will have to be an official SWIM DAY! (Lauren will be happy!)

While I had him upstairs I had him look at my craft chair. I wanted him to take the seat off so I could recover it... it used to be the girl's computer chair - and I think they spilled everything on it. Nasty!
Alas, no avail - the screws are stripped, but Baby Kitty doesn't mind...he just wants his chair back so he can sit next to me and watch me work. He doesn't mind at all the stains on the chair - it's his throne in the office. So, I guess Friday (since I won't have the cabinet early in the day) I'll work on recovering that work in the sewing room until Saturday. So sad!

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