Thursday, August 14, 2008

Swim Break - No Move Today!

Well, no fabric yet! I'm at a work stoppage...but life goes on! So, how 'bout a day at the pool? Lauren and Austin were in! I'll have to have my laptop outside...not my first choice, but I'm in the middle of a repair ticket with the website. Thanks and great upgrade - but they break something every time we get a "free" upgrade, so I need to get the ticket resolved!

Austin was excited when he saw we were going swimming! He's ready. Just gotta get slathered up with sunscreen. Lauren spent her day diving, diving, and more diving....
And, when she wasn't diving she was under the water looking for her "toys" she was placing on the bottom of the pool to retrieve. I had to get the ones that made it to the drain!
Lauren and Austin have their first race!
All this activity just wears him out!!! A few back and forth of the swing and he's gone!
After the kids went home I thought I would have a quiet evening at home watching the Olympics alone - Peter was at a furniture trade show all day and would not be arriving until much later. But, Miss Jani extended an invitation to have dinner with her on her front porch. What a perfect end to an already relaxing day.
As you can see...I picked up dinner on my way over to her house (Taco Bueno - yum!) We didn't want to cut into our catch up time by having to cook dinner~we were both busy today! She contributed a nice "cold" beverage...then out to the porch to eat and catch up. (It's still 96 degrees ya' know!)
With her new job, and her travel schedule during the week...our time for chatting during the week is greatly reduced! We had weeks to catch up on...our trip to Canada, her recent trips for work, her on-going Tech support problems at her home office and her dad's recent death, so much little time!
After dinner we like to move to the comfy chairs to continue our conversation. (This set was one of Miss Jani's great garage sale finds...bought from a friend...and minus the cushions. BUT WAIT...luckily I had fabric to make all new cushions! Hmmmm!)
Peter arrived later with his bag of "goodies" from the trade show - supplies! We love office supplies - especially when they're FREE! He also brought lots of good "bags" to carry all those supplies.
A perfect end to a relaxing day (and it's not even the weekend!) Time spent with a good friend...catching up, lifting our needs up in prayer, discussing issues and problems (not always able to be solved in an evening) and generally encouraging each other! My day was complete!

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ummm how come i didn't get any free office supplies!! you know i love supplies!