Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Unexpected Journeys...

I've been working on a project for someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is our pastor's wife - to read about her journey or leave a "prayer note" check out the blog below:

There have been many prayers for her, but as much as I love the Internet and love to leave "comments" I am the type of person that wants to have tangible evidence of thoughts and prayers. I like to look at past cards and notes that are tucked away in my bible...special words of encouragement that may have been penned long ago, but still hold so such much meaning and feelings.

I thought I would create several "tags" she could take with her in a book, place in her Bible, or just put on her bedside table to remind her of the love and care that God has for her, and a special reminder that many are praying for her as she begins her journey into health.

To finish off my afternoon I completed recovering the cushions on the "friend" chairs in my office. I like sitting on this softer material much does the cat!

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