Saturday, September 20, 2008

Busy Week!

Princess Jena, Hurricane Ike evacuee, has had a busy week! She was able to continue her schedule and be busy about her daily work (which mostly consisted of running the adults in her life ragged!) Princess Jena summoned us for dinner on Tuesday...she likes to have her subjects close enough to boss.Miss Janice prepared the most delicious roast and garlic mashed potatoes. Gravy has become her speciality! I don't think we ate a finer meal all week!

Of course, Gigi had to ride herd on Princess Jena...sometimes it only takes a gentle voice, but other times she has to use her stern voice and look.
Princess Jena declined the good meal and opted for baby veggies and a vanilla wafer...what was she thinking?
Once dinner was over...the meeting was called to order. Princess Jena's attention was short lived...
BUT, Mr. Peter and Miss Janice got right to the point. Miss Janice presented her 60+ list of items she has on her "TO DO" list. Of course this meant the "list people" had to prioritize all the items and hammer out the details (I don't know how my name ended up on their list!) I think first priority was to get the creature out of her walls....YIKES!I'm not sure I warranted this "evil" look...I was merely documenting the occasion. It wasn't like I was getting after her for putting her elbows on the table...we were done eating! I think the creature in her walls was putting her in a snit! Oh well! I know she'll get over it. On Friday some of the local antique dealers had a Barn Sale...yippee! We headed over after lunch to check out the location and see what they had to offer. Ashley and Austin came with us (she was killing time until she had to get Lauren from school!)
The location looked like it was originally an old lumber yard (thrilling to Peter!) There were lots of nooks and crannies to roam and find treasures. There were all kinds of interesting items stored above each of the little warehouse slots. I loved the black chair with the wild print on the seat (of course to paint and recover) but I decided to "think" about it. I was able to find some small lampshades (10 to be exact) for the chandelier I just painted red, (I know shocked!) and a shadow box for some old items I want to display.
The barn sale was going to last until "dusk" so later in the afternoon Miss Janice, GiGi (Jennifer) and I headed back to the sale so they could shop. Jennifer filled the back end of her car (2 sling chairs, 2 ottomans'...all to recover) and Miss Janice found an old leather suitcase. So many great treasures!
Best of is Friday....Front Porch time. As soon as our shopping expedition ended we headed right for the porch for a leisure evening of food and fellowship! The time is always relaxing as the evening stretches before us...and the laughter can be heard up and down the street (despite the traffic). Peter hung these window for Miss Janice (with the idea it would deflect some of the traffic noise). We took them down in preparation of Hurricane Ike's arrival (a non-event). I think Peter thought she would wash them while they were down...NOT! Her thinking is that while they are a little dirty - they offer her privacy from the street! HA!Miss Janice made cheese dip for dinner...and to quote Stephanie, "If you make it we will come." (I didn't know that!) She "stopped by" and stayed the evening. (She actually was there to show off her engagement ring!) B.J. arrived shortly after...but Stephanie had finished off the bowl of cheese dip she had prepared for him! I'm thinking she needs a lesson in sharing before she gets married! (Being the youngest, she doesn't do this too well!)
Stephanie shared pictures from her recent Florida trip and ended up spending the evening with the "old folks." We told funny stories from the past and laughed till way past my bedtime! The best was when B.J. stopped by. He parked his dad's vehicle in front of Miss Janice's house and sat down to relax. His cell phone rang shortly after his arrival, it was his dad...just wondering if BJ had abandoned his van on Virginia Street! He had seen it parked along the street and knew it was his. (Just a reminder that we do live in a "small" town and your actions are seen by others!)I would love to share more from the evening...but my battery died on the camera. At this point I would have a picture of Miss Janice...hands raised...praising the Lord that my battery was dead! That's just so wrong...on so many levels! to Paris (Texas) today....more to follow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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