Monday, September 15, 2008

Ladies Tea!

Today was a special lunch...ladies only! We decided we'd meet at the Lavender House Tea Room in downtown McKinney. The tea room is located in a wonderful old building that was most recently a ballroom dance hall. The tea room moved downtown shortly before Christmas (they were originally located in a strip mall!) The new location is a perfect spot to meet for lunch after shopping the antique shops all morning!

The black furniture, black toile' curtains, black and white checked chair seats, crystal chandeliers, yellow all feels so cozy. It's a lovely setting. The North wall is exposed brick and gives it that warm, old restored feeling.
The guest of honor, Jenna wanted to sit on her own chair (for the moment). No high chair of booster chair for her! She's a BIG girl.

Jenna's up for the week because of Hurricane Ike. She is an evacuee and arrived yesterday with her grandmother and grandfather in tow...leaving Mom and Dad at home to deal with no electricity and putting their lives and home back together. In the meanwhile, Jenna is happy with her princess status! She held court while we waited our food arrival.
Of course, being in her own chair didn't last long. Gigi had lobster bisque and fresh bread on her side of the table, and her chair was much more comfortable that the one Jenna had to herself. It didn't take long for her to abandon her spot and head for Gigi's lap. Daintily dipping her bread and waving it around brought fear to Gigi and her white shirt...but black is a good color on her, so she adjusted. Jenna also made up her mind about the lunch Gigi packed for her. A big, fat NO to the jar of peaches (see jar below) being offered to her. She knew lobster beats peaches any ole' day!
Of course Aunt Janice planned the party for our afternoon pleasure! She's a great party planner! Front porch Friday's are her specialty.However, she just needs to learn to keep her elbows off the table...but I think manners will have to be another day. Perhaps when Jenna is 2!

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