Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday in Paris

We began the morning early. Peter loaded up his camera and then we headed off to breakfast. Our actual first stop was still in McKinney...back to the Red Barn sale. We thought we'd check out what "new items" Keith brought in this morning. Nothing we couldn't live without so we headed North to Denison.
First stop in Denison is the old Katy Railroad Station - the original building. The Katy Railroad Museum is now located in a new "station" across the street.

This old building is filled with lots of treasures, but you MUST be willing to dig. Almost everything in the building was 20% to 50% off. Can't beat that. We found a really cool tray that has a map of the US on top.
Of course, I can always find treasures for those not with us. Miss Janice would have loved this old adding machine (she's got a thing for them, you know!)
But this brown leather suitcase would have been hauled to the front counter immediately...if she'd been along! (I'll show you the few she has in her front hall on another post.)
I found a lovely 1950's style dress that Emily would love to own...but alas, I think it's made for a 12 year old girl (judging by the really small waist)! I don't think it would even be too big for Lauren - a little long, but it was a very small size! I could just imagine a young girl at her first dance!
Once shopping was done in the Station - Peter discovered a train waiting along the street outside. Photo opportunity!

More opportunities....of the architecture
It was a pretty cool train.
We also spotted a really interesting gas station (you can almost see the old hot rod at the pump.)
Oh...more photo opportunities!
It's just another church (Catholic).
Must be something in the garden also. (He loves to get out and wander the streets.) I lost him a few times during the day. But, cell phones can always find the lost ones. Back downtown and focused on the task....antiquing!
Once again - I love shopping for those who can't come along. A shelf full of red items...for RT. I can picture each of these items in her kitchen. Is there room? Of course...what a question!
On to the next store....
There's another one across the street....
How about the one further down?
Best purchase in Denison. A chalkware girl reading and a photographer...finding a photo opportunity! I think we have a theme!
Peter's thinking enough with the shopping - we need nourishment before we can continue on to Paris.
But in the meanwhile - we were told by the ladies sitting on the patio with us for lunch that there was a car show down at the end of the main street in Denison.
There were tons of cars all around the Watson's Burger drive in. We only took photos from the car - we were on a mission.
On to Paris....
and on to more Antique stores. There were about 5 on the square, but it was getting close to 3:30 and some of them close at 5:00 on Saturday (who thinks that's a good idea?)
We loved the old Train Station(looks really new - so couldn't decide if it was restored or rebuilt). This building contains the Paris Chamber of Commerce, a museum and several other businesses. It was closed today, but we were able to drive in and take some close up shots.
We finally headed home to McKinney about 5ish - but we still had to make a trip to Dallas to pick up the diesel truck at IBSA. (We need it for tomorrow's activities.) When we hit the Plano city limits we realized it was their balloon festival weekend. There were probably about 20+ balloons going up right as the sun was setting. It was a beautiful site - unfortunately we were traveling down the highway at about 70 miles an hour - so just a quick shot out the window!
Once we picked up the truck at IBSA we headed home - and grab a bite of dinner!

Notice - the good Baptist spot (as usual) was waiting for me at the restaurant. (The good Baptist spot is the closest spot near the door!)
Once home I was able to unpack some of my treasures. The tray we bought has a great map of the US on top and it can also be set up as a display. I got two really cool old "books" was an old ledger and the other was a University "loose leaf" book (notes included.) I also purchased a Shorthand book....bad school memories. HA! Who can remember shorthand? We also found a great display case that Peter will mount on an old sewing machine base we have. I found three really tiny Hummel reproductions. They were too cute to pass up and at 20% off (80 cents each) I knew they were coming home with me!However, my best purchase of the day was a real Hummel. It is a small boy in leidehosen holding an American Flag. I thought he was an excellent reminder to commemorate Peter receiving his US citizenship this year!
All in all - I think we walked miles, found some really cool stuff (on sale) and had a great day together (even if we didn't make it to Galveston!) Off to bed now. Tomorrow we leave early ~ off to Texarkana ~ (and a new adventure!)

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