Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cats, Rats, meetings & math

This morning I was up early. I knew I had a 9 a.m. staff meeting with 3e and needed to complete some work before I left. I heard the back screen door banging and knew the cat wanted it. I glanced down through the glass and realized he had a "friend" he wanted to bring in the house. I already cleaned up feathers in the dining room on Wednesday. I guess while I was upstairs sewing he brought in a bird. He's broken a hole in the screen so he can come and I have to keep the back door closed now. I don't like when he sneaks in with his "little friends."

He wasn't very happy that I wouldn't open the door. He finally went back out into the grass...and finished off his snack!
Once the 3e meeting was over I headed to Richardson to have lunch with my girlfriend. We haven't seen each other in awhile and we needed some "catch up" time. We also were interested in visiting a new shop that an acquaintance of ours opened recently.
Her shop was very nice - but seems there was a really neat shop next door, and a small tea room across the street. I think another outing will have to be scheduled to try out the tea room (The Chocolate Angel.)
Miss Carolyn found her a fine bag she liked - but she didn't buy it. Just looking. The store was a great mix of new things, antiques, and vintage looking items. Great mix of all!
I found a small corner show casing a baby bed. Thought Miss Janice needed a look for her outdoor baby bed on the deck.
I also found a pillow idea of Miss Janice's collection of pins.
I had the afternoon to catch up on emails and work then back to Miss Janice's when Peter arrived home to work on the "math" portion of the floors. (Because you know I wasn't doing that math. I kept telling them my drawing was not done to scale!)
Mike and I got the borders measured off (one mistake required pulling up one side). Once that was finished Peter measured off the remainder of the space to calculate the diamonds.
There will be two dark borders around the perimeter of the room and then the diamonds will be the center of the design. We put pieces of tape in the middle of the diamonds that will not be dark - don't want to get mixed up in the middle of the project!!!!
Miss Janice peeked in on our work - I think she's happy!
We had to erase some of the additional lines we chalked, but that didn't take long. I was pleased with how quickly the who process went. It took us about 3 hours to tape off the whole floor.
I can't wait until tomorrow when we put the stain down. Miss Janice is headed to a wedding in Houston this weekend - so I guess she'll have to watch for updates here on the blog!
Peter and Mike also got her new shelf hung...and I got busted for taking pictures...
but I aint' skeert! His bark is worse than his bite!!!

Until tomorrow....

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