Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Front Room Makeover...

I'll call this the front room makeover only because the name of the room is changing. Currently this room is used as a living room. The middle room - currently the dining room - will become the living room. So, I guess until the appropriate furniture is moved into the designated rooms - they will be the front room and middle room (both of which are being made over!)

The crew arrived to first move all the furniture in the front room into the middle room. The dining room furniture was moved into the corner and Miss Janice asked if we'd leave her one chair open so she could eat in the dining room during this process.
The rest of the furniture from the front room was moved into the middle room...

and everything was just placed where ever it would fit.
The guys pulled the carpet up right away exposing a layer of padding.
The problem with the padding - it was spray glued and stapled to the wood floor. (Who thought it was a good idea to use all those staples?) Craziness!

Mike had a tough time getting it up, but once he had it all out of the house, I pulled all the staples out of the wood floor. Not a fun job, but someone had to do it! Once that was completed we hung plastic over the open doorway between the two rooms to contain all the saw dust about to be created!
Sanding is always the biggest job and after one night on our hands and knees sanding, I convinced Peter he needed to rent a big sander from Home Depot so we could complete the job much quicker. That being said - it did go quicker, but the edges still had to be sanded with the hand sander.
Here is a close up of the old floor....
And here is the freshly sanded floor...what a difference. Great old heart pine floors. There are some gouges and marks that will still be visible with stain- but you can't get these kind of floors any more.
Next big job...tape all the wood work (especially the floors) to paint the room. You may have noticed in the earlier pictures the light color on the walls. Miss Janice has decided on much more color for this room! (You can see where she tested some color on the walls by the fire place.)Ashley got all the floor and woodwork covered on Monday so we could begin painting Tuesday morning.My little helper was unhappy and wanted to be set free from his play pen and swing, but he made a bee line for my coffee cup I sat down...and suddenly we had our first accident of the day. Spilled coffee on our newly sanded floor. Oh will dry...

and Mr. Helper will have to be contained again. But, that didn't last long and pretty soonMama had to take a break and give him personal swing time on the front porch.By the end of today we had two coats of paint on all the walls. We'll have to decide in the morning if we need another coat on the darker areas.

Once the walls are finished - I'll begin masking off the floor for the chosen design - then staining will begin.

Check back - there is more of this project to be completed - then off to the middle room for a new makeover!

2 Cowgurls said:

Anonymous said...

Hmm. This is looking wonderful! I may not want to go to the wedding this weekend; just sit on the floor in the 'front' room!

I'm wondering what artistic license you are hiding!

Thank you! Love you!!

Meander said...

oh Lordy, you know these people REAAAALY love you - I've had to pull up carpet tacks several times and I honestly think it is one of the worst jobs ever! You must be even more fabulous in person to convince peeps to help ;)