Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Last coat of paint

Once the last coat of paint was applied we began pulling back the "blue" tape. Each pull of the tape either showed a small amount of white along the edge or pulled off beautifully and the painting was perfect. For each exposed white spot I took a small brush and filled it in. I especially wanted the ceiling to look perfect since that show more than along the baseboards...although all was covered. Once that task was completed we took the paper up from the floor. That was a wrestling match! There was still some sanding to be done in the corners near the fireplace. (They had been bleached white with the peroxide to kill a smell).

After that small bit of sanding it was time to sweep once more and wipe down the room. First, the fan needed to be dusted and wiped down. Don't know how all that dust made it up there, but it rained dust for awhile! Next, the room was swept, then vacuumed, then swept again. When the sweeping was finished all wood surfaces were cleaned with Murphy's oil soap. Each baseboard, door jam, window frame and crown molding was cleaned. The mantle was also given a good cleaning. Once that was completed the windows were wiped down and cleaned from all dust. Finally...back to the floor. One more light sweep, dust mop, down on our hands and knees to wipe the floor down, then one last dust mopping with a light mist of Murphy's oil soap.

We even let the baby down on the floor to crawl around - no dust on his jeans - so we declared the room finished. One last look at the fresh paint, clean windows and gleaming woodwork! the stain and create the design on the floor! (Still more crawling around on the floor!)
Till tomorrow, I'll be dreaming of floor designs and other "artistic" ideas!

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