Monday, October 27, 2008

No Secret Recipes

I am a follow of the blog "How to Cook like Your Grandmother". There are always great recipes shared via this blog. Check out today's blog regarding secret recipes!

Sometimes while reading a recipe I might remember I have that same recipe, or think I have a better version of the recipe I've made in the past. However, there are times the recipe will bring to my mind something I have not made in a long time. It might be some item that's fallen off my radar because I've gotten in a rut or not taken the time to make it for my family and friends. There are also times, while reading the posted recipe, that it takes me back to a time I enjoyed that food prepared by someone. I may only have a vague memory of the food served (I can specifically remember being served that meal), but more importantly I remember the time spent with a special friend or a special occasion surrounding that food. The long conversation over the dinner, the sharing of our souls over dessert, or a good cry with cup of coffee and homemade pflaummen kuchen.

Today's blog hit a nerve with me! I do a lot of cooking, and have been told often enough that I'm a great cook. For several years I cooked every Friday night for a group of volunteers that showed up to maintained our local "historic village." There could be as few as 10 or as many as 30 people who would show up to work for a couple of hours on the houses and grounds, then stay for appetizers, dinner and dessert. It was the great camaraderie that brought us back each Friday night, but there was also a sense of community as we sat around the table with others who came each week because of their love of history and their sense of duty to each other and our city.

I have always been willing to share my recipes with anyone that asked. Whatever I made for that evening - they could have the recipes. I tried to have a variety of appetizers, entrees and desserts each week and sometimes we would have a potluck. So many great recipes were shared by all on those nights. I have many fond memories of those times!

Currently I belong to a dinner group. There are 9 of us that meet monthly. The host home provides the meat, and the others bring whatever will round out the meal (salad, vegetables, appetizers, dessert). We all love sharing our recipes with each other and have a great time revealing that "secret" taste or the "special" way we've changed the recipe or added an ingredient.

I guess I have met those in my past who have "held out" and refused to reveal their secret recipe. I usually write them off as "childish" and/or insecure. With millions of recipes now posted on the would be impossible for someone not to find similar or better. I love the thrill of the hunt for the specific item they have refused to share. One specific woman I know gives very vague measurements - and even if you figure it out - it's NEVER as good as hers! Vatever!

Recently I heard someone announce they would NOT tell anyone the "secret" recipe for their very own special chocolate truffles. There were two of us standing within ear shot of this declaration that felt compelled to take up that challenge. We went home very determined to find the "secret". The recipe has since been found! Others have also announced that the "found" version is even better than the "secret" recipe. There is immense satisfaction in the hunt of finding his recipe, and in the affirmation of others stating that the new recipe tastes better.

Competition makes the world go round...and unless I'm entering a cooking contests - you are welcome to my recipes.

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