Monday, October 20, 2008

Round Up on the Range

Saturday morning...the day began early with set up at 7:30 am. Outside our barn the barbecue was already cooking and the smell filled the barn all day. We set up our tables Friday afternoon, but still had much to do in getting ready and setting up the tables with merchandise.
Miss Vicki came by while we were still setting up. She and her husband, Mr. Buck, own the stage coach.
We had a 10x20 booth, so plenty of room to spread out.

By 8:30 we were ready and still had time to enjoy our morning coffee.
Lots of explaining as to how the purse shells worked.
Pretty soon my favorite cowgirl and cowboy rode in... Meanwhile, outside - the chuck wagons were already set up to set to begin their day of cooking. The Round Up is a chuck wagon cook off, so much friendly competition, and great food...chicken friend steak, mashed potatoes, beans, fresh biscuits - all made over an open camp fire!

The McKinney mounted police showed their presence...
Mr. Buck and his stagecoach gave many rides during the day.

Lauren entered the Stick Horse Barrel Races...I think she won?

Petting zoo.
Horse ridin'
Gotta' look good in your hat!
Especially...if it's a pink hat!
Some chose to arrive without their horses (just for RT)! There was a wonderful sense of "free spirits" in our barn as each showed off their own unique style. I saw her several times just rolling around on the dirt floor, and enjoying every moment. She spent most of the day just twirling in her tutu and cowgirl boots! As for me...I ain't skeert to get on that horse!

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what a great time!!
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