Monday, November 17, 2008

Banana Bread & Sewing

I found a really old apron and used it as a pattern to re-create this new version. I used a piece of tablecloth (just enough left for a small half apron) and the red check was left over from dresses I made the girls when they were little (so it has to be 15+ years old!) You just never know when you'll need a piece of fabric?!?!? The pockets, created with the check sewn on top, make a deep place to keep your recipe. Once I completed the apron I felt "compelled" to do something with the blackening bananas on my counter. Out comes the "old" cookbook my mom gave me as a wedding present. It's called "Typically Texas Cookbook" (A collection of recipes used by rural electric co-op members.) I've found many great recipes in this book and each of my girls swear it is their book (when I'm gone, of course!) These bananas look perfect...just the right blackness. One more day and I think they would be in the trash.

I love that I get to use my brand new sifter. I picked this up this summer while in Canada. I find it's much easier to turn the little handle than the sifters with the squeeze handle.
Yum! It smells wonderful.
Pecans from Mom's yard. She said there won't be many this year, but I still have plenty in the freezer from last year. Maybe Miss Janice will have a good crop.
Now at this point I would have shown you all 8 of my cute little loaf pans filled with batter...but Ashley showed up with Austin and Lauren...then Stephanie showed up to talk wedding and chaos ensured. We cut one loaf to taste...nothing left of that one, and Lauren tattled that Stephanie ate 5 pieces!
Mike, Peter and Emily arrived shortly after...and of all the pans I baked...this is what's left. Each girl made sure they took some home! I better hide these two or Miss Janice won't get any! Aaron - here's your pan you were wishing for, but I'm not sure it will even be in the fridge when I get up in the morning!

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