Monday, November 17, 2008

Makeovers & Computer Issues

Last week lasted FOREVER! I was barely able to use my computer due to various issues...but thankfully it has been repaired. I had to move most of my pictures off to an external hard drive (slow process) but success was achieved and things appear to be back to normal.

The room makeover continued to progress (despite computer issues). Here is a picture of the final outcome of the dining room. The curtains were cleaned and rehung. Here is the fireplace located in the dining room. The two colors on the walls works well together and Miss Janice will place her tea cups on the wire hangers on each side. The very last thing to do is hang art on the walls...and we'll probably finish that this week.Here is a closer view of the floor as you enter the new living room. I placed a band of dark around the perimeter of the room so it flows into the existing floors.And this is now looking into the new living room from the dining room. The walls in the living room are painted the same color as the dining room, only in reverse (the raspberry is the accent color on the fireplace wall).And now...looking back into the dining room. I believe Miss Janice is enjoying her new digs! Of course, no rest for the weary! December 6 and 7 is our big Christmas Open House. McKinney Cowgirls Market will be showcasing our latest creations and Miss Janice's house is the "preferred" location. So that meant this last Saturday we had to begin the decorating process to get the house in order for our show!

Miss Linda arrived early to begin the process (of course Miss Janice already had Mike drag the tree down from the attic and she had begun the process of toting all the boxes of decorations downstairs.)Some of our "usual" helpers were there to decorate the tree!And Miss Linda brought extra help - her daughter - to help us. She was fascinated by the bubble lights! Some helpers quickly learned they could supervise others...

...while some just enjoyed the whole process! There were plenty of jobs to accomplish before we could call it a day...

but in the end...the finished product looked wonderful.
We still have some nooks and crannies to decorate and all our products to "merchandise"...but we'll be ready for our first ever McKinney Cowgirls Market!

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