Saturday, November 1, 2008

More Floor Makeover

It's always best to start off reading the directions. Make sure we all know what we're doing and what we can expect.

Is this the Feng Shei of shaking a can. Almost looks like "can yoga." Ashley is at peace with the can!
I don't know what she's telling me, but I better listen. She's serious. (Note for those who whine about getting blogged about! Here I am...but I didn't sign a "face waiver" face time!)
We being in the corner so we have a way of escape. Start with the dark and we'll come back with the lighter color.
Painting is such a relaxing time. Don't know about you, but I enjoy it. We decide to stay together and paint the edge then the diamonds so we can share the can of stain.
The "usual" suspects were there to help us, but we also had Stephanie's help with the baby today...and someone to document our progress.
Lunch break! Time for a little R & R and some taco's (or some kind of Mexican food.) Stephanie had some challenges watching Austin...but she survived...
She even took them for a little walk. Time away from the "smell" is good. The floor had some dry time during lunch, so now time to pull up the tape! Maybe we could start the world's largest tape ball? Maybe Miss Janice wants to re-use this? (She can un-stick it and do whatever she wants with it. Me? I'm done with it!)
Looking good. We'll head home for awhile and take a nap!
Back for round "vatever"! Guess I haven't been counting. We didn't have any "helpers" to document this process - so here is the finished floor. Still one more coat - the polyurethane. That will have to wait until the floor has a lot more drying time. The dark is still a little tacky.
What do you think? I like the over all design!We thought we'd have a little "front porch" time...but needed some refreshments from John Green (but he was busy at a wedding!) Oh well. I had time to swing with the kids - and they love that!
Austin's done in for the day...can't keep his eyes open. Time to clean up and create a "cat proof" door lock...hopefully they'll stay out for the night!
Until tomorrow - and hopefully...all will be completed (this room, that is!)

2 Cowgurls said:

Jeanneoli said...

Oh my goodness...that looks incredible. I think I would be too nervous to tackle such a large project. It looks great.

Meander said...

oh that floor is simply stunning! I found your blog via the Farm Chicks and ever so glad I did! Thanks so much for the inspiration, can't wait to be back for more!!! I'm adding you to my blog roll. Many blessings!