Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time to Waste

The last two days I have been without Internet and least during the day. The phone guy was to come Monday between 8:00 am - 10:00 am to upgrade my Internet connection, change my phone and cable connections to all come in on one line. All started out all right...he turned off my phone and shut down my Internet and began work....Road Block! He didn't like the look of my cable connections and would need to change them all out, otherwise my cable might "leak" out and I wouldn't get a good connection. Wouldn't want my cable leaking out into the wall, who knows what kind of havoc that would cause in the house. He putzed around and fumed about the cable outlets that were also behind "large" (very large) pieces of furniture. He needed ALL furniture moved so that a person could get their whole body behind the furniture. (Was that a skinny person, like him, a very normal sized person...perhaps an over sized person?) Needless to say, he was not happy! Nor was I. He spent the better part of the day before he decided he couldn't install the new equipment. It then took him almost another hour to "arrange" with support that he could come back the next day - no NOT November 26th! (Their next available time to come back.) After much finagling he put my phone and Internet back in place and said he'd be back tomorrow...8:00 AM!

Sure enough, he arrived at 8:00 am the very next morning...but I was ready for him. My husband took the morning off to "help" him know how to use the outlets we could get to, rather than moving furniture to expose outlets that no one has seen since we moved into this house! He was easily convinced (probably that size issue!) He said he'd "happily" figure out how to use those exposed outlets and make things work.

BUT, things did not work so quickly. Seems there was a "global" outage of AT&T in our area and he didn't know when it would be back he was going to go eat lunch and hoped it would be back up when he returned. After he returned from lunch he continued working on the TV connections and with the Internet. My husband finally left for work after lunch...and the tech guy...well...he finally left about 3:30!

Trapped in a house with a Tech TV, no Internet, no phone...what to do?
Day one I spent working on some Christmas and Thanksgiving cards. I created several with vintage pictures and some ribbon, trims and bells. The inside of the Christmas cards say "Merry Christmas". The Thanksgiving cards I think I will use for place cards at Thanksgiving. I want to put a name on the front (this would be your seat at the table) and place a name on the inside. The inside name would be used to state why you are thankful for that person. I'll have to think through the particulars...but thought it would be a way to think of those that are there and think of something you are thankful for about them! I stamped the parcel tags first and decorated them with the vintage pictures. I then folded them and tied on a ribbon. The large Santa one I cut from double sided scrapbook paper. I saw the idea in one of the Somerset Life magazines.

Day two...I sewed. I had an apron I had finished, but decided to add another row under the eyelet lace of tulle.
I think it turned out really cute with the red "slip" peeking out from under the eyelet.
I also worked on a "replica" of an old apron I had taken apart. I had a left over portion of a tablecloth from another project that I could use for this trial template. The fabric was in pretty bad shape, but I think over all the apron turned out really cute. In the future I would need to make the "petals" larger and longer...whoever owned this before was little and short!
Well...trapped in the house...I guess I was productive.
I also went over to Miss Janice's last night to lightly sand and paint one more coat of sealer on the dining room floor. More pictures to on to paint the living room...and get the furniture back in place!

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