Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Market

We began our day early with getting our banner hung over the porch. We also changed the flags out front to the Christmas Angels and hung large wreaths on the porch.

There was plenty to organize before we opened the doors...I guess we're done!By 10:00 am we were ready to begin our day.
Purses were hung right inside the door. We shut off the right side of the house and filled the left side with all the items for shopping.Right inside the dining room were the embroidered burb cloths...Handmade cards filled the dining room table...And there were Christmas tea towels and Santa hangings also in the dining room.Linda created some wonderful gift card holders. We sold out the first day and she had to make more!As you move down the hall the adult full aprons were hanging on the door.Half aprons...and children aprons.The small trees in the living room were filled with smaller items, and great little animal puzzles were for sale under the trees. There were wooden signs for sale in various colors.
Miss Janice set up the check out area in the kitchen.
During one of the lulls in the day...Aunt Fe Fe (Miss Janice's little niece has decided to name her Aunt Fe Fe...we all approve!) read to us in Spanish - a computer instruction manual! I think it must be nap time.

Well, after two very full days of our McKinney Cowgirl's Market - we closed up shop tonight. We had a good time, lots of traffic, and sold quite a bit! I think we ended happy and enjoyed visiting with all who stopped by to visit and shop. Till next time....Thank you all!

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