Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Prep & Table Etiquette

Some of my little elves decided to wrap up gifts last minute before Christmas...this elf can't cut a straight line...and he poked a hole in the package! Not to worry...he placed a bow over that hole. No need to re-wrap and waste paper, it's for a guy and he won't mind!
He tasked this elf to make the tags for his packages...what? You don't have any store bought tags?Nope! She complied, and I think she really got into the task! After Christmas Eve festivities...we came home knowing we had to finish the Christmas book project. Peter asked each person in our family (along with Miss Janice and Tante Margrit) to write our favorite Christmas memory to be read Christmas morning.
It took a little wrangling on his part to get all the stories to him by Christmas Eve (not sure if Tante Margrit's is floating around in cyberspace or if she just didn't complete the project...I wonder?) Peter printed each story (times 10) and compiled them into a book.

He set up a work station in the front hall and began putting the books together...we didn't begin until almost 10:30 by 1:00 am we were finished.
It was hard not to read each page as we put the books together, but we wanted to hear them read Christmas morning and be surprised by each person's special memory of a past Christmas.
Each person read their own memory...there were sad tears for those loved ones no longer with us, and happy tears for special memories that evoked special thoughts of Christmas' past. Even Lauren wrote a special page of her favorite "past" Christmas memory. It was a very special time together as a family! Emily read Miss Janice's page (since she was Christmassing with her own family in Spring.) She tried to "put on" Miss Janice's Texarkana accent...but something was lost in translation. We'll have to tape Miss Janice reading her own rendition of the story for the full effect.
The table was set in anticipation of the good food to follow, once we opened our stockings... But, as always...these girls have other ideas of Christmas table fun...I think Lauren and Mike started it all!
Then the rest followed along... "What is my mother doing?"
He thinks he wants to play along!
By the way...the American Girl doll was a big were all the clothes. (I received the bicyle...and am so excited to begin riding!)
I think I saw "Emily" in 3 or 4 different outfits throughout the day and evening.

As for the little guy...he got busted helping himself to a handful of M & M's. Who left them within his reach? I don't think Mom was fast enough to get them all away!
All in all...Christmas was a wonderful family time again this year.

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