Monday, December 22, 2008

Doll Clothes!

It's been many a year since I've made doll clothes...1992 I believe to be the exact year. We bought American Girl dolls for our girls that Christmas, but once we purchased the dolls there wasn't money left over for all the clothes. Those were also the beginning years for American Girl Dolls and they offered patterns for purchase so you could make each of the different dolls their period appropriate clothes. (I noticed on their website they no longer offer these patterns. Lucky I don't throw things out!)

We decided this year we'd get Lauren an American Girl Doll. She had already been checking out the doll catalog and had pronounced her favorites. (She had several, of course.) We drove to the American Girl Doll store in Dallas and found the "perfect" doll for her. We chose Emily. Emily is Molly's English friend from WWII. I had already been to the store once to purchase Molly and Emily for a friend who is raising her 3 grandchildren. (Our Sunday School class is providing Christmas gifts for the children.)

I stated by making the doll an apron that matches one I made for Lauren. I knew I would be cutting it close, so Lauren won't have an outfit to match her new doll until probably the new year (maybe by her birthday.) I used my vintage tablecloth material - and trimmed it out with very small rick rack.
Next, I created her some "under" clothes. I must thank Oma for this fabric. She sent it home with us this summer when we left Canada. I loved the edging on this and wanted to be able to utilize the embroidery along the edge of the slip.
Some night clothes came next. This fabric was left from the original night gowns I made for the two dolls I sewed for in the 90's. It ALWAYS pays to keep those scrapes. LOL!
I knew Lauren wouldn't be happy unless she had another dress to change Emily this one is courtesy of Jon - my girlfriend's wonderful husband (he's a fabric rep) who gives me all kinds of caste off fabrics. I LOVE free fabric! He has so many wonderful pieces to share!

I also brought home some cream eyelet from Oma's this summer and made a slip to go with this little dress. The buttons I stitched on the bodice were left to me by my grandmother and the trim is some old trim my mother gave me years ago.My daughter also wanted Lauren to have a party dress for her on to finding some party fabric or some velvet. I had a large piece of velvet in my stash that my girlfriend, RT, gave me the last time I visited her in Florida. I'm not sure why she was buying velvet in...Florida (and she doesn't sew) - but I benefited from her purchase! I added a little pearl button that has a rhinestone in the middle at the neck line to finish it off. (Another of my grandmother's buttons.)
Last, but not least, I knew she would need a coat. Also courtesy of Jon's small sample squares, I had enough to create the coat and lining - and enough for lining the hat and muff. I had some brown fur left over from an old project - so the only thing I ended up having to purchase was the trim around the coat. Each small "perfect" trim piece that I wanted to use from my stash was just an inch or so too I had to buy something. Not bad, considering all other items were made and decorated from whatever I found in my sewing room. (That's kinda scary!)
Here is Emily in all her glory.
I was planning to purchase a suitcase or something Lauren could keep all the clothes stored together. When my husband arrived home from work - he came bearing gifts...fruit from Harry and David...all wrapped up in this wonderful trunk - so again...nothing to purchase!Overall, I think Lauren will be pleased with her doll and the change of clothing offered...but I've got a sneaking suspicion I'm not finished with making doll clothes!

Here is Emily in her original outfit.

2 Cowgurls said:

The Feathered Nest said...

OMGOODNESS Debiann! These doll clothes are just beautiful!!! I collect old doll clothes and just love them...I'm so glad we share our birthday! I hope you have a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful birthday too!! Also, I wish you a great New Year as well~ hugs to you Debiann...xxoo, Dawn

Shawnee said...

What a marvelous wardrobe. I love how your husband "happened" to bring home a trunk. Perfect!