Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last Minute

I have so many last minute things I'm working on...at least my package to RT was mailed in a timely manner! She has received it, but claims she has not opened it. Do we really believe this? Such restraint! I'm still awaiting a call for the grand opening!

I have 3 collage' pictures I'm currently working on completing. I have the fragile crackle down and will finish the color and top layer tomorrow...they're in the drying process.
I also had several purses to complete today...one more tomorrow morning...then I'm finished sewing for the time being.
My Mom loves Santa's and collects them...so I painted a Santa for her on an old sled I found at an antique shop. Hopefully she'll like her new Santa.
My sweet husband gave me some lovely roses today! They smell wonderful and I was quite surprised - and it's not even my birthday yet!
I took the picture of the roses in front of my "Barbie" tree. My mom has given each of the girls a Barbie ornament for years. Two of the girls have taken their Barbie's to their own home - but Stephanie's not ready to take hers...she's afraid the dog will eat them. So...again this year I have a Barbie tree. Lauren loves it! When all the girls were home we had a very full tree of Barbies...but this year it's down to a small tree. I've put my few vintage Barbies on this tree along with my "vintage kitchen items." Thank you Mom!
Until tomorrow....

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