Sunday, December 21, 2008

Muenster, Texas - German Community

Yesterday we headed to Muenster, Texas. We love to go to Fischer's Meat Market to pick up good German sausage, various German goodies, antique shop the area and eat German food for dinner before returning home.

Yesterday started out perfect. The temperature was warm (with the threat of a cold front blowing in before late afternoon.) There are several "favorite" antique shops in the area and Peter and I spent a leisurely day searching through treasures...
Looking for vintage finds... Finding cool objects...
Finding things Miss Janice is looking for (not sure where she'll be putting her chicken coup!)and wishing this stove were in better shape (and that I had a place for it!)We also spotted the windmill farm not too far from Muenster.Once the shops were closed we headed back to Fischer's to shop. All the best sausage! Good things to make that would make Oma's heart go pitter-pat!
I headed for this area...
There was every king of strudel you could imagine...Apple, cheese, blueberry, apricot, strawberry...too many to mention (I got an apple!)
Peter's heart went pitter pat when he saw all the options for Stollen...I believe there were 4 different kinds! (Who knew?) He also found these cookies - his very favorite!Me...I love the advent calendars filled with Chocolate! (No RT...didn't buy any for Pappi!)
We had dinner at Doc's and we both ate the Jager Schnitzel, Rot Kohl, hot German potato salad...yummy! As the day progressed the temperature continued to drop...from the morning high of 67 to the evening low of 27! I was so happy to be home and have a comfy fire. We had a fun day, found some Christmas treasures and brought home good German breakfast sausage for Christmas morning! Can't wait!

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