Wednesday, December 10, 2008


While cleaning up the yard for our Christmas event at Miss Janice's, I found this bottle thrown up into the grass. I placed it on her porch (thinking it would end up in her recyled bin) but it continued to sit on the porch for more than a I asked her if I could have it. Of course, she didn't care. I loved the beautiful green of the bottle! I soaked the label off and ran it through the dishwasher to make sure it was sterilized!

I printed a vintage Santa picture and cut it out to fit the front of the bottle. I glued it on with my Gloss gel and then added a little glitter. I found a small metal bow (I forgot I had) and added a little bit of Christmas ribbon. I know somewhere around here I have a small set of Christmas lights - once found I'll shove them in the bottle! For's drying. I'll be returning Miss Janice's "trash" back to her house. Hopefully she won't put it in her recycle bin!
I'll load a picture when I get the lights in it and it is returned to it's proper home at Miss Janice's!

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