Friday, January 23, 2009

More Projects Completed

I've been working on a blackboard project for several weeks. I painted a piece of plywood with the blackboard paint, then decided to decorate the edges with white paint. (I used a small no particular order.)I found a really beat up frame at a garage sale several months ago. There were two large chunks missing from the decorative edge, but I bought a mold maker and some "Rock Hard" and my husband created a mold from a good edge and re-created the two bad edges. I thought I had taken pictures of the original condition of the frame - but I don't see them anywhere...error on my part because it really was in bad shape. We sprayed it red (of Stephanie says, "Do you have any other color?")

Once the red dried I highlighted the edges and detail with black and placed the black board piece inside. Here is a close up of one of the bad edges. You can't even tell! Hopefully tomorrow I'll get it hung up! I gave you a peak at this piece of drawer front the other day. I mistakenly called it a door front, but it's for a drawer. I painted an undercoat of white than brushed in some brown and teal.
I printed a cute picture of some birds and pasted them onto the board with the "Boudoir" words affixed at the top. Once it was dry I rubbed it all with paste wax to seal it.

Lastly, I had been toying with an idea of a picture I'd seen and wanted to render it in pastels. I've been working on this a couple of days (along with a "self portrait" that is now complete.) Once I sprayed the fixative onto it, I cut some scrapbook pieces to cover the messy I'll have to see if I can find another frame!
I love that she's wearing an apron and reading a real letter (not an email.) Reminds me of lazy summer days, taking time out from the business of the day to see if there is a letter waiting from someone special. Don't we all still love to receive "real" mail?

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