Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Projects

I love this fabric! It is a linen background with a "flocked" type design on top. I sewed this shell for my girlfriend - she already has a purse with the handle, but I thought she needed a new shell for the winter season. I also made her a small zipper bag to go inside. I added a gusset to the bottom to give it a little more room in side, and lined it with black. It has an inside pocket, so she should be able to fill it with lots of goodies. I have another one cut out, so I think I'll finish it pretty soon for myself.I've been working a little each day to complete Miss Janice's chair (she's off to Colorado maybe I can finish it before she returns home this Sunday.) I finally got all the old staples off the frame, and cleaned up the wood. As soon as I laid out the fabric to see what lay out I liked...Baby Kitty decided I brought the chair upstairs just for him to have his afternoon nap!I completed stapling the upper piece and covered the seat of the chair. I decided to highlight the little design at the top of the chair with a bit of turquoise paint. I also used some pretty trim to finish off the bottom edge of the chair. I don't have anything small enough to go around the top, but hope to find something today at Jenny Lynn. I don't have material for the back...yet. I asked Jon to look at his "stash" and see if he had another square or a companion piece of fabric that would coordinate with the front. I have something I could put on the back...but it feels like it should be my last choice, not my first. So while I wait I used up the small pieces I had left to make a little back pillow for comfort. I also made a book bag to hang on the side. Miss Janice sits in this chair to have her morning devotions, so I thought she needed a spot to store her Bible and devotional material.
It has one large pocket to put books, and a smaller front pocket where she can store her journal or writing material. I have it pinned to the arm, but I think instead of using Velcro to attach the tabs that I will use jewelry pins to complete the look that so says "Miss Janice"!

I invited Jon and Carolyn up for dinner last night so we could catch up on each others lives. They have been in Canada for almost 3 weeks and we haven't had a chance to do Christmas or birthday celebrations. Jon said he had a "few" one yard cuts to dispose of and he'd bring them with him. Looks like I have a little work making room for these in my "stash"! For now...I need to finish putting away Christmas.

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I think my house has room for some fabric, you can send some this way.