Sunday, January 18, 2009

One Project Complete

Well...the $10 chair is finally completed. This is how it looked when we bought it.

The fabric really is in good shape - but just soooo out of style.
The chair is also in good shape - a little glue on the joints will help ensure it stays together for many more years.I went with a totally different pattern on the front from the back and different trim. There is a plain chocolate trim on the front. We looked at several places, but Miss Janice never saw anything other than this plain trim that she really liked. For the back I had another patterned fabric and she choose a really fun trim to finish off the edges.
I highlighted the floral relief at the top of the chair... And completed her book bag. Instead of Velcro she is going to use some of her vintage costume jewelry to hold the bag on the side of the chair. All that's left is to take the chair to its new home...but we have to paint Miss Janice's bedroom first!Hare are a couple of my next projects in the works. My husband built this piece to fit the window below and I've undercoated it white.
We bought this window at a yard sale - knowing we'd be able to use it for something good!He cut the plywood to fit the back of the it's up to me to get the pieces together and decide on the color scheme. So's all in my head! I do know I want to use it in my office at my craft desk to hold art supplies. This is one of the MANY door fronts a friend gave my husband. I want to make a cute little sign from it.
I know what color I want to end up with so I'll paint white, brown and start.
Hopefully I'll have some time in the next couple of days...but the weather is wonderful here (in the high 70's to 80's for a few days)...and I have a new bike to break in. I also have "tax" work to complete from last year...but I'm thinking that's a cold day activity!

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