Saturday, February 28, 2009

Learning to Sew

I have a new 10 year old best friend. She lives with her grandmother and her two sisters. Her mother was murdered last year...the day after Mother's Day. Missy Z. is very smart and very caring...but she's also still hurting and trying to figure out who she is in her new family situation. She's been sitting with my husband and I at church and I've slowly gotten to know her and her sisters better. (Her grandmother came to our griefshare group when her husband died....then returned after her daughter was killed.)

I miss my girls being at church since they're grown up - so I enjoy having Missy Z. and her sisters sit with us. Last week I thought she was listening to the sermon - however at the end she announced the Pastor said "um" 38 times. Guess she was listening! :>}

I promised her I would teach her to sew and we would do a girls weekend. Peter's hunting plans changed - but I told her we were still on, so I picked up up early on Friday, (she had early release from school) which gave us all afternoon to begin. For her first project we decided on a pillow. She "shopped" my fabric stash and found some purple chenille and green and purple tye dye. Since it was all straight sewing it didn't take us too long. By 3:30 we had completed our first project and decided to head to Dallas to the 2 story JoAnn's. (My favorite place to shop!) Here is Missy Z with her first pillow project! She was happy.

She had a great time at the fabric know how it many choices so little time (money). We picked our pattern first and then she roamed the store looking for that "perfect" fabric. She knew she'd know it when she saw it!She finally decided on a purple flannel and a pink flowered seersucker. It's been in the 80's last week, but cold again today, so she sewed the purple flannel first. She wanted to wear them to bed right away!
Once we arrived home (after dinner in Dallas) she got right to cutting and sewing. We sewed a couple of hours...and she finished her first pair of pajama pants.

She was VERY pleased with herself.

We treated ourselves to ice cream - then to bed.

This morning she woke up pretty early...ready to get going again. We settled on waffles for breakfast - then back upstairs to sewing. We were both glad we had already cut out the second pair of pajama pants, so she could begin sewing as soon as she got upstairs. This pair seemed to fly...she was finished in no time. Again she was very happy with her newly gained knowledge.
We still had 3 hours before her grandmother arrived to pick Missy Z. up for a birthday party. She shopped through my fabrics again - and was still drawn to all the tye dyed pieces. She and I did a little brain storming - and she settled on a three tiered skirt in three different tye dyed colors. She serged all the edges and I helped her with the gathers. She serged the tiers together, we finished with slipping in the elastic...then she tried it on.

By the time she left at noon - she was a happy girl. I promised she could come back and we'd work on whatever else she could dream up. She's going to think about what she wants to make next...and come back for some more sewing time.

It was time well little girl who needs love. Don't we all?

Friday, February 20, 2009

More Projects

I've been working on a few more projects for Miss Janice. She purchased a couple of feather "lap quilts" at a flea market to use on her porch swing. I've already recovered most of her front porch furniture and this was the last project for that area (before we start on the back deck). I made a cover to stuff the two thin comforters into, giving it a really fluffy look that you want to sink into.

She saw a duvet cover at a local Antique Mall (price was over $225) that she really liked. It had the long flowing side panels attached to sides so they would hang down over the bed. It was a small cover you would use to store you down comforter in at the end of the bed. I could vision it sitting on a I added the side panels she liked, then added the little "lace slip" that peeks out from under the front swag.

I had enough left from the various fabrics to make a couple of pillows. I still have 2 more to finish, but I took this over to her house last night, along with her kitchen curtains.

For her kitchen curtains she wanted to use several different fabrics she already had and a couple of old tablecloths she picked up at Canton. I used a simplicity pattern where you choose the various pieces to create the curtain design.

For the pleated pieces I used a blue and yellow tablecloth. For the rounded pieces I used some tea towels she already had from another project sewn by her sister, Jennifer. The top header I cut from another white and yellow tablecloth with a border print. I used the border print to cut each of the headers so they would all match. She still wants to find some trim (see pattern) to trim each of the pieces, but till then...she wants to enjoy them! I'll have to post another picture once she finds her "perfect" trim. So far we've been several places, and no luck. We'll just keep looking until we hear something calling our name! Guess I have to keep pieces of the fabric in my purse so I'll be prepared!

I'm still working on my kitchen curtains and will work on figuring out how to hang them this weekend! I want to be finished so I can move on to the bedroom curtains....

Till next time,

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Time-Worn Interiors Give Away

Theresa of Time-Worn Interiors is having a 100th post giveaway!!! you can visit her site by clicking HERE
Pictured above are the prizes! They are: Living with Lace by: Bo Niles, Small cloche with (fake) bird nest and egg, Small ironstone pitcher (with small stained crack),Necklace with prism pendent, A couple old letters (1957)
She will draw a name Sunday afternoon at 7 pm! If you mention this giveaway on your blog your name will be entered 2 times, so be sure and enter.

I have several projects currently on the " work table". I'm making over my kitchen and sewing new curtains and then I will be moving on to our bedroom to make over with new curtains and bedding. I have a list of things I want to complete before my daughter's wedding in May. I'm expecting a house full (or maybe only a few), but no matter...there is much to be done. I'll keep you updated.
I'm hoping to finish the kitchen curtains today...but as with all projects I begin, I have my own vision of how the finished outcome should look. I bought these hangers at Trade's Day last weekend and know how I want it to look in the end, but the getting there is my next issue.

Oh well, I have time to figure it out and if it doesn't work...I can always hang them on a rod.

Until next time I will hope that I win....Congrats Theresa on your 100th post!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Smitten, 120

A new shop opened on McKinney square in November...Smitten. On Saturday they had a Valentine party and I went to look around. Karen has a lot of lovely things. The red and pink linens were all on sale!

I loved all the red pillows...of course I love red!

She has so many pretty items to look at.

There were some pretty vintage linens and quilts.

Beautiful accessories.

Lace curtains and more bedding...

Most of Karen's items are upstairs at Smitten.

I finished a few Valentine projects this week. Unfortunately I mailed my package to RT and her family before I took pictures of her new stationary kit I made her. I also finished these little bird necklaces...

And some refrigerator magnets.

For those that are local to can now shop for my purses and aprons at 120 in downtown McKinney. Stop by and say Hi to Diane if you get a chance.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sunday Thoughts

"...Who am I, O LORD God, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far?" I Chronicles 17:16

Etsy Give Away is Over

First, Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you have a great day, just don't eat too much candy!

Now to the real reason you're here today...the winner my etsy give-away. I put the numbers into the generator and it gave me the lovely #4.

So Laura is the Big Winner! Congratulations. (Laura, if you'll contact me with your address I'll be happy to mail you the strawberry purse!)

Thank you to all for your comments., I appreciate all of you..and stay tuned...there will be MORE give-aways as I get more of my items loaded into my etsy store.

Thanks for was fun!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mary's Apron and Give-Away!

Through Lucy and Shawnees Sassy and Flirty Apron Swap blog I saw they were promoting Mary Mulari's Wonderful Apron Patterns. I own the Church Ladies Apron and have made it about 10 times sews up great, looks good and is reversible.

You can check out Mary's other aprons here.

Only one more day to sign up for the "You Choose It" Give-away! I look forward to hearing from you. Check out here to see rules for the give-away!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

ETSY Give-Away!

I excited as this will be my first ever give away. One lucky winner will receive a FREE item of YOUR choosing from my etsy shop.

#1 You get your name entered by posting a comment on this post as to your favorite item from my etsy site, Cowgurls Blessing

#2 You can get your name entered an additional time by posting a blurb about my website on your blog and posting a comment here telling me that you did.

Entry will close at midnight on February 13th. I will announce the winner on Saturday, February 14th.

Thank you all for your support and good luck...I hope you are the winner of your favorite item!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Apron Swap & Give Away

I received my apron from the Sassy/Flirty Apron Swap yesterday...I was sorry I didn't pick my mail up before I left for church! It is so wonderful...especially my "pocket cowboy"! My apron creator, Kristin, did a wonderful job choosing the perfect pattern design, material choices accent colors...everything was just perfect for me! This was the first swap I was involved in and I consider it a success! I'm pleased. Most importantly...I now have "help" in the kitchen.

No tissues for this's full!

The only problem I see is the "theft" factor. I will have to keep my guard up and "frisk" my girls when they leave the house...knowing they will be looking for a way to "borrow" my brand new apron. I'm thinking their ulterior motive will be new "cowboy"! They'll just have to get their own.

Be sure and check out Kristin's blog...Quiltilicious! She has some wonderful creations - and who knew an attorney would be such an avid quilter!!! about my etsy site. I'm going to finish loading the rest of my items this week and on Sunday I will off a give away. Check back Sunday to see details and find out what you can win!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Etsy Shop Is Open for Business

My new etsy shop is now open for business! Check it out...and check back here for a give away very shortly!

Taxes and Projects!

I have been so bogged down with finishing up last years books and preparing all the tax paperwork for the business I work for...not really how I want to spend my time, but time I'm paid for! So, all that to say, I have neglected blogging and uploading some of the things I've been working on during the last month.

A project hanging around for a few months is this big frame we repaired the details on the corners. We used a mold maker from Michael's and Rock Hard from the hardware store to create new corners from the one good one that was left intact. Once I sprayed it with my favorite red color I rubbed on black to highlight some of the details. I painted and decorated a piece of plywood with blackboard paint and a white stencil.

It's now hanging in my kitchen...and I love how it looks.
I finished framing some material for Miss Janice's bedroom make over. Not sure how we'll use this in the scheme of the room - but that's our next big project at her house!

The shelf Peter made for me is finally finished. He cut the wood and shelves to fit the window we found at a garage sale.
I painted the shelves and window all white, distressed it with black paint and sealed it all with a colored wax to give it an even more distressed and old look.
I covered the back piece of plywood with a pretty black and khaki fabric. Don't stare at this too makes you crazy!
Peter affixed the back and then put the door on with black hinges, gave me a latch (it looks like an old window latch) and put a big hanger on the back. Ready to hang above my desk for my collage' supplies!
All my paints and gel mediums are right at hand when I need them! Lastly...I completed my items for my apron swap at Lucy & Shawnee's website. I can't say who my "secret" person is...but I got her package in the mail today.

The front of the apron was created from a vintage tablecloth. I cut the best piece to use for the main skirt, and cut up the border for the bodice and ties.
Here is a view of the back with the border ties.
On the reverse side I used a pretty red and white fabric with a small print. I used the border pieces to frame the top bodice piece on the back and found a pretty red and white fabric to use for the ties.
Here is the back and ties for the reverse.
To complete her package for the swap I sent her a 1/2 apron from a pretty red fabric, a purse, a vintage quilted heart pillow with a valentine sewn on, and a heart box I made and placed a cowgirl necklace in. I hope she likes it! I'm anxious to see who my secret partner is and what she has created for me! I'll keep you posted.