Monday, February 2, 2009

Taxes and Projects!

I have been so bogged down with finishing up last years books and preparing all the tax paperwork for the business I work for...not really how I want to spend my time, but time I'm paid for! So, all that to say, I have neglected blogging and uploading some of the things I've been working on during the last month.

A project hanging around for a few months is this big frame we repaired the details on the corners. We used a mold maker from Michael's and Rock Hard from the hardware store to create new corners from the one good one that was left intact. Once I sprayed it with my favorite red color I rubbed on black to highlight some of the details. I painted and decorated a piece of plywood with blackboard paint and a white stencil.

It's now hanging in my kitchen...and I love how it looks.
I finished framing some material for Miss Janice's bedroom make over. Not sure how we'll use this in the scheme of the room - but that's our next big project at her house!

The shelf Peter made for me is finally finished. He cut the wood and shelves to fit the window we found at a garage sale.
I painted the shelves and window all white, distressed it with black paint and sealed it all with a colored wax to give it an even more distressed and old look.
I covered the back piece of plywood with a pretty black and khaki fabric. Don't stare at this too makes you crazy!
Peter affixed the back and then put the door on with black hinges, gave me a latch (it looks like an old window latch) and put a big hanger on the back. Ready to hang above my desk for my collage' supplies!
All my paints and gel mediums are right at hand when I need them! Lastly...I completed my items for my apron swap at Lucy & Shawnee's website. I can't say who my "secret" person is...but I got her package in the mail today.

The front of the apron was created from a vintage tablecloth. I cut the best piece to use for the main skirt, and cut up the border for the bodice and ties.
Here is a view of the back with the border ties.
On the reverse side I used a pretty red and white fabric with a small print. I used the border pieces to frame the top bodice piece on the back and found a pretty red and white fabric to use for the ties.
Here is the back and ties for the reverse.
To complete her package for the swap I sent her a 1/2 apron from a pretty red fabric, a purse, a vintage quilted heart pillow with a valentine sewn on, and a heart box I made and placed a cowgirl necklace in. I hope she likes it! I'm anxious to see who my secret partner is and what she has created for me! I'll keep you posted.

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