Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Spring!

I've been so busy with various projects...I haven't had time to show off my Canton finds. Of course, they have not really been presentable until now. I shopped for vintage linens and was not disappointed this time. There were some new vendors (one which sold the linens by the pound) and another vendor had hers just piled high on a table with a $1 sign. You had to dig, dig, and dig some more, but I came away with some wonderful finds. However, they were not all in wonderful shape! Some had more holes than good spots, but the holes were in the white I can use those for smaller projects. Some were pretty badly stained. Not a problem. They come home and go straight into the washer with OxiClean...once I have washed them once they come upstairs to my "soaking tub". (Since the girls are all gone I have the upstairs tub available 24/7 for soaking all my linens...unless company is comin'!) Once they reach the upstairs tub they may soak for up to two weeks. I change the water and add more soaking mixture when I see the water getting cloudy from the dirt and years of neglect.

I check them often, and when I can no longer see the old grease stains (or other marks) I take them outside.

According to my mother...laying them on the grass and squirting lemon juice on the stain usually takes out the last of any marks left on the linens. I lay them face down on the grass (I have to wait to a bright, sunny day) and cover the stains I can still see with lemon juice. They are left there to dry.

Once they are dry I bring them back inside and wash them one last time with OxiClean in cold water. I don't put them in the dryer. They go back outside to dry in the sun...then they're folded and stored on my rack...ready for sewing up into whatever!

Today's whatever was a cover for my electric pot and my toaster. I recently found new (vintage looking) canisters and wanted to make the covers with a similar feel.

I used two different pieces for the toaster. The piece across the top was left over from another project (no...I can hardly throw away any scrap of vintage fabrics!) I also used a left over bit to cover an old jar my grandmother gave me. (I store crocheted pot holders and scrubbers in there.)

The tea cozy is the same fabric and trim. Just needed a little something to cover the kettle when not in use. It's not to keep the pot warm...I just have to plug it back in to heat the water again.

I'm working on some give away items for my blog anniversary and will be promoting two young women who are choosing to stay home with their children and have started a their own businesses to help make that check back often!

Spring has been upon us for a couple of weeks...but today winter is trying to make a comeback! We've been in the 70's to 80's for the past couple of weeks...but back in the 40's today! We need the rain, but I could do without the cold.
HOWEVER...the first of my bluebonnets are up. With this needed rain my yard will be full soon!!

Happy Spring!!!!

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Mermaids of the Lake said...

Oh, wow, again! You have an abundance of those marvelous linens, you lucky you! I actually am taking a break from my ironing of some of mine. I set me Easter table with one and then realized I am very behind. I love to them ready to use on the table at a moments notice. I would love to have so many that I could cut some up for such fun projects! Very nice!

Mermaid Debbie