Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kitchen Curtains

I've had the same kitchen curtains since we moved in the house 10 years ago. I made all my curtains for the house while we were in the building process, which meant once we got our keys and took possession of the house we hung curtains that very first night!
The hardest window in the entire house was this one over the kitchen sink with its curved top. My husband rigged a rod that clipped into some small clips and I worked on just getting the curtain to hang straight. It worked out, but not my favorite treatment.

For the other two kitchen windows I made a simple rod pocket curtain with a slight curve along the bottom. No pattern, just a quick fix until I really decided what I wanted.

As with all, children, obligations, and many other things got in the way and this stayed on the back burner for a long time. Just recently, I put it back on my radar to make new curtains for the kitchen.

I bought this pattern several months ago, when they were on sale, and knew I wanted them to have this look and feel, but wasn't thrilled with the idea of a straight curtain rod. (And, of course, the window over the sink needed a curve effect.)

With that thought in mind...I began my "quest" for just the right hardware to hang my curtains. My thoughts were to have something I could hang each individual tab on so I could determine the shape of how the curtains would hang.

On a recent trip to Trade Days in McKinney I found these hooks. They were very inexpensive, considering I needed 15 of them. That still didn't solve how I was going to affix the tabs onto the hardware.

I kept one next to the sewing machine while I made the curtains trying to decide how they would hang....and eventually settled on making two button holes in each tab to hold the curtains.

The first one we mounted was the one over the kitchen sink...deciding on just the right spacing.

With the "curve" of the sink window in mind, I wanted the two straight windows to emulate the same shape. We hung these two windows with the same arch design. That meant taking down the plate and the plate rack above the two windows, but easy decision.

I like the feel it gives the room. Makes the ceiling feel higher, lets in more light and it also follows the lines of the lace curtains that peek out like a petticoat from underneath.

I swapped out the mismatch plates along each side and filled them with my chicken plates my sister gave me for my birthday. I'm pleased with the finish project and like the change it gives my kitchen.

Only a few more projects to go before family shows up for the wedding!

Off to work....

2 Cowgurls said:

Three Prince Designs said...

I love all of that!!!! Can you come do mine- just the colors I need! Beautiful!

Evelyn said...

It looks very unique and amazing!! Great use of fabric for kitchen curtains!!