Thursday, March 19, 2009


In the past we would be spending spring break at the farm. When the girls were small they would each invite a friend to spend the week with them, then we'd head out to the wilds of Henrietta, TX and spend the whole week in the country. The small house has no running water and no indoor plumbing - but no one seemed to notice. We would drive to the state park to shower and Peter built an outhouse for us to use while we were up there.

The girls would spend the week exploring the property, riding bikes, building, digging, fishing, riding horses, working at Nelson's farm (earning favor to borrow the horses.) They had complete freedom to roam the property and loved every minute of it. I think we all have fond memories of those times.

These two little girls are now 23 and 21~

Nothing a Texas girl loves more than spending time in the wide open spaces....

Meanwhile...out back in our yard, I have been busy working in the garden all week. This guy sat above my head this morning fussing at me because all the bird feeders were empty. He was not deterred when I went to get the camera and catch his act. He chirped away at me and never moved.

Back in the garden I have a lot of things coming up and it feels and looks like spring around here (no matter what the calendar says.)

The best is all the blue bonnets coming up. I don't think we'll have the crop we had last year. The neighbors all love that my yard is full of blue bonnets...they all arrive to have their pictures taken sitting in the yard. I know when I have to let them go to seed the look of the yard starts to wear thin, but it's usually worth it in the spring when the yard is full. I think our lack of rain over the winter has thinned our crop.

There are more in the back yard, so I'll past more pictures when the rest of them start to bloom! It's wonderful!

Last weekend we shopped the Red Barn Antique Sale just a few blocks off the main square of downtown McKinney. There were a lot of goodies. I purchased a basket full of vintage lace. The guy had to call his wife to get a price. She gave him one and I said yes. I think once he started putting them in the bag for me he had "seller's remorse". He kept telling me what a great deal I got and he was just SURE his wife didn't know what all she sold at that price. Oh well...I was happy.
Here is the mess as I dumped it out of the sack....

But, I soon had it organized and in rolls so I can see what I have. Many ideas are floating in my head already!

I saw a posting from Ask Kari & Kijsa of a plate Kijsa painted. I love working with Silhouettes and my husband has created many from wood. These three were a surprise Christmas gift in 1982. I still love to look at all the intricate work and know the hours he put in working only with a coping saw (which means all by power tools.)

He leaned his skill from his Uncle Hans who has created many wonderful silhouettes through out the years.

I also made a small hanging from one of Uncle Han's silhouettes. I love the detail he puts into his cutouts.
Looking at Kijsa's creation I thought it would be fun to try my hand at painting a here is my first attempt. My black was all dried up so I had to use dark blue...but I think I know just the person that would want a blue one!

Well...have to finish making my gumbo for dinner...till tomorrow!

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Paper Cowgurl said...

1. Not nice that you make gumbo and not tell.....leftovers?
2. I LOVE the glad your mom sense saw the future and planned for your children wanting one to admire your wonderful work in their house.
Love you!!!

cindy said...

Love your plate...absolutely adorable!

yap cat