Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Apron Swap

I am part of the Flirty Apron Swap -- A vintage remake. We were tasked with finding vintage linens and to remake them into an apron for our "secret" partner. I began this Apron Swap knowing I had plenty of "vintage" items that I could use to create something wonderful. I knew this was going to be my favorite swap because I love creating with vintage fabrics and embroidery finds. I just had to wait to know who would be assigned to me and to learn what her likes/dislikes and favorite colors were going to be before I started sewing.

I was so excited to receive my email from Shawnee as to who I would be sewing for. I went immediately to her blog and began getting to know her and her family. Imagine my pleasure to know she was a Christian stay-at-home-mom of 3 little girls!!! Since I have 3 girls (not so little anymore I might add) I was excited as I began planning my apron.

I had a new stack of recently laundered and ironed tablecloths plus items I've had for awhile. I had a pretty half of a tablecloth I purchased at Canton and was anxious to use it in some manner. This small piece has looked so forlorn and disgusting when I pulled it out of the big cart, but a little bit of soaking and some time on the grass in the sunshine - it looked almost new! I dug deeper in my pile and came up with a damaged full tablecloth that I thought would look good on the reverse side. The two colors were complimentary and I wanted to create something that was a little more "elegant" for Miss Solidia!

I knew right away I did not want a gathered waistband (we moms have enough gathers around our waists!) and I had enough fabric with the two tablecloths to create a pleated apron. I also found a really pretty embroidered piece to place in the front of the apron to dress it up. My middle daughter, Emily, caught my excitement and she knitted two special dishcloths and I buttoned one of them onto the apron. The buttons were created to cover some of the more "loved" areas near the waistband. Here is the front and reverse side of the apron I made for Miss Solidia.

I finished the edge on one side with ruffled ribbon and the other side I used the original edge of the tablecloth. Once I completed my apron...there was still half the pink tablecloth left. I decided to use the rest of it to make aprons for two of her girls. I enjoyed creating matching aprons for the younger girls. There was just enough left to finish these two.

I also wanted to create an apron for her older daughter, but knew from my own "daughter" experience that older girls want to be just a "little different" than their younger sisters. I found another piece of a complimentary tablecloth that was also in bad shape and was able to cut a utility apron for the oldest. I used the other half of the embroidery piece I used on her mother's apron and another small piece of embroidery for the pockets.

All in all, I enjoyed creating aprons for this sweet family. I used every bit of the fabric from the tablecloths I started with. I cut around the holes and rust spots as best I could. There was very little left once all were sewn up.

Here are all the aprons ready for mailing. I created little book bags to put each individual apron in along with recipes that were age appropriate for each recipient. I gave all the bags to my husband to mail on Friday...but somehow one got left in the truck! YIKES!

We didn't find the lost book bag until the weekend, so he took it to work with him on Monday to send "quick" on Monday. I think all should arrive together by Tuesday!

This was definitely not part of my plan (and I was so worried the littlest one would feel left out if the package arrived and there was nothing for her)...but all should be well.
Since I already made "mother/daughter" aprons - don't think I'll enter the next swap! This was fun and I look forward to more swaps in the future!
I just received an email from Miss Solidia and one package has arrived and she is holding the gifts for the girls until the last one arrives. She said she will post pictures on her blog this weekend, so once I see them up I'll post a link so you can see my new blog friend and her lovely family!
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