Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Canton Weekend

I'm always on the hunt for vintage linens...this is one of my favorite places to shop in the Arbors at Canton. I was lucky enough to find a couple of vintage dishtowels and an embroidered piece here.

This guy, though, is the BEST place to buy linens. Each table is marked clearly and the linens are cheap. He also sells items by the pound. The linens are not clean and you need to look each item over before you make your decision.

Aprons, tablecloths, tea towels...most of them are only $2.00, some for less (depending on how badly they look). Me...I go for the bad look knowing I can pretty well clean them up when I get home. He's a little wacky, but a fun guy. I think he's Russian and seems to have issues making change. I was able to purchase 8 items for less than $10. Best buy of the day!

I loved this little vignette with the blue trunk. Emily was on the hunt for a trunk, so we stopped and looked at all of them.

I love the arrangements in this shop. She does a really good job of displaying her items. (The blue trunk sits outside her door.)

One of the vendors creates many different items from old doors. This bookshelf was one of my favorite, even though he stated it was "unfinished". He said the price will double when he finishes painting the piece.

This was the color trunk Emily was looking for, but I thought it might suit Peter better. It was a pretty neat wooden trunk with lots of cubby holes.

Emily was able to find many Pyrex bowls in her color. She was very caught up in the "hunt".

I loved this display of crosses.

As time moved toward 5:00 pm - I saw these aprons blowing in the breeze. The light shinning through them was magical.

Here are my freshly laundered items I purchased from the "carrot top" guy. There are still 3 others outside in the yard still sunning themselves.

The napkins on top were only $2.00 for 6 of them. I have a special idea rattling around in my brain to re-purpose them.

I fell in love with this little guy the moment I spotted him...and he was mine for a song!

Canton was a lot of fun this month...a little too much wind, but it's never perfect there! Only the company I was with made my day perfect!

3 Cowgurls said:

Mermaids of the Lake said...

Oh, wow, you found some wonderful linens. I collect them, as well. I even see a couple in your little pile that I own. Thank your for sharing.

Mermaid Debbie

Kathy said...

Thanks for sharing where you shop as I had emailed asking you where you got your repurposed linens! Now I can go later this month to shop myself!!! Looks like you found some real goodies. Don't you just love Canton??!!!

debianne said...

Kathy, sorry...never saw an email from you. I love to share my fav spots. You can also find linens fairly inexpensive in the Civic Center (the blue building) at Canton. She determines her price by looking, but you can always refuse. There is also a young lady who has a tent down from the Civic Center. Both those, and the Russian, are VERY reasonable. I also find them where ever I can.

Mermaid Debbie...I love any old linens I can find, but don't like to pay premium prices for already laundered ones. I soak, soak and wash them until they are pretty clean. I also only cut them if they are torn or beyond real use. Once they are clean and ironed, if they are in good condition...they are saved for use in my everyday life.