Monday, April 27, 2009

Monogramed Shade

As you remember I declared the Library at Miss Janice's house completed last week. (You can see the full project here.)

We were both happy with the changes we made on the curtains. I made these curtains for her in early 2003 and they fit her room at the time, but with the new floor and all the changes...I felt a little more sophistication was in order.

We were thrilled when we found these black and white curtains lying in a heap at a local flea market event. We didn't buy them immediately though. Emily initially purchased one for her new place and Miss Janice seemed a little unsure of them for her room. When we made a trip to the house to unload our stuff and held Emily's curtain up to the window, we immediately returned and purchased the other five we'd left behind.

I really liked how they dressed up her library but continued to feel something was lacking. I knew for sure I wanted to cover up the rod in some way. (That thought is still rolling around in my brain. I have some ideas I'd like to "pitch" to Miss Janice on that topic.) However, while reading Kari & Kijsa's blog they had a treatment on a shade that I thought would be perfect for the old pull down shades that were currently on the windows. (You can see the inspiration here on their blog.)

We went to Hancock's on Saturday to look at the various trims and settled on the two different ribbons for the edge of the shade. Miss Janice was "tasked" with fusing the two ribbons together...but she ended up having to glue the ribbon set to the shade.

She liked the contrast of the two different ribbons with the curtains. However...I still wanted to take the shades "up a notch"!

Still thinking of Kari and Kijsa's shade with the initial...I found a really pretty H on the Internet and traced it onto the middle of the shade and painted the design with acrylic paints. (This was after printing it onto fabric and trying to iron the cut out onto the shade! Didn't work, so plan B was to trace and paint.)

I loved the look of the H and Miss Janice was over the top about it's look and style. (By the way...her last name does begin with H. I know the inspiration shade had an H on it also.)

Once the paint dried we hung the shades back up and admired the work we'd put in on them!

Here is the "after" picture (compare it to the two at the beginning of the blog.) I think it looks beautiful with the curtains and the ribbon trim.

Still thinking through my thoughts regarding hiding the rod portion in the middle. We also purchased a tassel for the pull and she'll affix them with some of her vintage buttons. All in all I think the project turned out beautifully (although it will continue to be a work in progress.)

Thank you to Kari & Kijsa for your inspirational blog!

I'll keep you posted about what I'll do about that "naked" center piece of the rod showing!!!


7 Cowgurls said:

Jan said...

I love your blog! I was wondering if you had thought of buying those clip on curtain rings (in a black... I got some at Walmart) and then a black curtain rod with pretty finials. You can press the rod pocket flat and the clip on rings can clip at the top? I bought some curtains and did that to them and love the look. Then it doesn't matter if the rod shows. It shows all the way across with the rings.
Just a thought
Jan Ward

Magic Brush said...

found you from Kari and Kijsa's blog. That floor you did is amazing. I faux finish for a living and have never even attempted that! Kudos to you. Many blessings, Jennifer

Southern Fried Gal said...

Hello! Stopping over from Kari and Kijsa's. Love everything featured on their site - especially the shelf!

martha said...

Came over from K&Ks. So glad I did! This is just the classiest diy project ever.

Where online did you find the beautiful font for the monogram? Thanks, Martha

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I just came over from K & K's blog, because they featured so many great projects you had done. This window looks fabulous! I'm adding you to my blog list and will be back to visit often. laurie

debianne said...

For those of you wondering about my font for the shade...I found it here.
You have to create a user account but a lot of the fonts and pictures are free, some you pay.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.