Friday, May 29, 2009

Redo... daughter's wedding is tomorrow! I've been MIA because of all the things that have yet to be done...but today will be a bit of a slow down as most of my list is picking stuff up. We're praying for good weather...since we'll be outside. Was hoping for a little cooler than 90 degrees, but at least it's not going to rain!

Of course, this has not stopped me for also having a few projects continuing. With company coming I still needed some storage in the guest bath. I have looked at this little green night stand several times at the Red Barn Antique sale...but finally decided to purchase it last Sunday. I knew I could change it "for the good" and utilize it for towels and "stuff" in the extra bath.

It was originally green with gold trim.

It also had white fabric with red flowers covering the top. My guest bath does have I went for full red coverage.

I decided to paint the top trim a creamy color. I may end up painting the other trim lighter or at least high lighting it...but I needed to get this finished before my company arrived!

I went with a dark fabric from my stash for the need to show dirt too quickly.

If I don't make it back before the weekend think of me...I'll be attending a glorious wedding!
Have a good one!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

Remembering those who gave their lives so that we might be free!
“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” Psalm 33:12 KJV

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Thoughts

“Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.”- Romans 12:10

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shopping Cart

Time is flying by and the wedding will be here before I know will First Monday - Canton weekend. How is it that both are on the same weekend? Oh well. The wedding is set for Saturday at 1:30, so...given ceremony, clean up, good night's sleep...I think I can make Canton on Sunday afternoon.

I've been revamping my shopping cart lately, and low and behold I see that Margo at Margo's Junkin' Journal created some cart liners using old burlap sacks. Too cute. Be sure and check it out...she's also selling the burlap sacks and a pattern. Several of her blog friends have already created new liners for their carts! Check it'll be wanting one!

I made my cart liner last year. I was tired of my "things" falling out as I traveled around Canton. I used some odds and ends of fabric in my stash...and all was good for about a year. I liked the black and red combo and was pleased with the over all look I had accomplished.

My next "add on" was to make a lid I could pull over the top and snap shut. Sometimes when I tip the cart onto two wheels, my stuff comes too close the the top and I wouldn't want to lose any treasures. It also helps make sure no one can see what's hiding inside-sometimes I have someone along with me that I'm buying a gift for and don't want them snooping!

I sewed the lid onto the liner, scalloped the edge and put a magnet closure on the pieces for easy opening and closing, and added a decorative button...just because.

The cart has been happily used as is for awhile. But, once again, I began to notice a deficiency in my design. next "add on" was a padded bottom. It never fails, the first item I buy is always breakable! Just Murphy's law. SO... now there's a soft cushion to prevent a breakable object from sitting right on the metal frame. Good to go, again!

All has been well with the cart since adding the padding. I had a friend borrow my cart and since I had all the "necessities" for shopping in Canton, she decided I needed one additional necessity - a drink holder. She kindly bought one to add to my cart, as payment for being able to borrow the cart on one of her shopping trips to Canton.

I can hang it off the front or the back...depending on how I'm driving (pushing or pulling.) It's a great asset when I'm trying to maneuver the gravel areas and when I need a free hand to shop!
You can find the drink holders at many of the cart places in Canton...and are well worth the money to add to your shopping pleasure.

On my last trip to Canton I saw this cute little metal basket...and I had a sudden brainy-ack I purchased the basket for $3.00, brought it home and added a padded insert for the bottom of it also. (Can't ever have enough padding for the breakables and valuables.)
Now all those small items, that always get lost in the bottom of the cart, can rest high above the larger and sound. I can also store my Kleenex and hand wipes for easy access. It fits right in the top of the cart...just like it was always meant to be!
SO...I'm ready for next First Monday Trade Days in Canton....look for me and my cart! I don't think I'll be tooooo tired from the wedding!

Till next time,

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Muenster, TX.

Muenster TX is right on US Route 82...(between St. Jo and Lindsay...or Nocona and Gainesville if you want bigger cities.) Population 1, just you can't miss it! If you're driving from East to West you can see this little village painted on the side of one of the old buildings in Muenster as you drive by on 82.

Here's the rest of the painted village.

Looking down Main street toward US Route 82.

The Bird Nest is one of my favorite places to visit whenever I travel to Muenster.

Cindy Bartush and her husband were there Saturday afternoon welcoming strangers and chatting with locals. Cindy shared this has been one of her dreams to have her own store. She has a great variety of items...something for everyone.

She has many Garden items on hand. There were lovely statues, bird feeders and bird houses. Every where you look there is something to peak your interest.

I knew the minute I saw the small garden table by the front door that it was something Miss Janice would want to have!

The iron table and chairs had the cutest little birds and leaves surrounding the twigs and branches that make up the chairs and table.

Off to the right of the door is another room filled with many wonderful gifts...soaps, towels, jewelry, trinkets and treasures.

More garden items...look at all those cute little birds!
There are several other shops across the street...but it was getting late and our main purpose was to shop at Fischers Market, so we said goodbye to Cindy and headed to the Market.

Fischer's Market is great place to buy supplies for all my German cooking needs! I love how European the grocery store looks. There are many good ole' Texas staples inside, but when I'm ready to cook rouladen, or cook some good German sausage...nothing beats meat from Fischers.

The clock tower rings out the hour and plays music.

Well worth the drive for good meats, sausages, cheeses and various German market items, or for no other reason but to see some place new. Considering all the girls (and grandchildren) came with us...we had a fun fulled day! Now that they're all grown and on their own, it's a rare treat when we all can just be together on an adventure...for no reason.
They were all able to find something at Fischer's (I think everyone went home with a Strudel!)

Sunday Thoughts

“[Doxology] Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out!”- Romans 11:33

Saturday, May 16, 2009

So many projects, so little time

If you haven't daughter is getting married May 30th. So, with that sure seems like most of my time and energy is focused on finishing up all the last minute details. Most of the big items are off my list, but all those small errands and last minute details haven't been crossed off my list. Still much to accomplish.

I was able to spend some time in my sewing room yesterday. (What a mess!) I've been trying to get some things organized and labeled so I can quickly find what I'm looking for when I'm in the midst of planning a project.

I recently found a wonderful blog called Poppytalk . Poppytalk is a Canadian design blog collecting inspiration and promoting emerging design talent. I look forward to seeing what's new on their site every day. They have some great FREE downloads. One in particular I've used several times is the sheet of red labels. (Free downloads are here.)

I downloaded the sheet of red labels then typed the description of what was in each of my jars. All my jars are the same (we love to eat red cabbage or sauerkraut...and these little barrel jars are the best!) The only odd jar I have is filled with buttons my Grema gave me. I use these special buttons whenever I make something for my sister or my daughters. The small metal shelf I found buried in a pile of rubbish...with a little clean up and a spray of red now hangs close by my sewing machine. Perfect to hold my jars!

I found the jar filled with red buttons at a little boutique/antique store locally. It was so cheap. I figured they had no idea the treasure they had...and I got the jar to boot! I keep all my wooden spools in the other large jar.

I finished labeling all my jars and drawers, and was able to get some of my sewing projects organized.

I'm currently working on several projects, but can't seem to find that concentrated time I need to finish what' I've begun. I find I'm being pulled away constantly and several projects been sitting on my cutting table for a couple of weeks.

The first is a pillow top for Miss Janice's Library/Cowgirl room. I found these small Texas luncheon napkins recently. Miss Janice was VERY disappointed she didn't see them first. I think she was hoping I would offer them to her...but I knew she would only use them occasionally, so I'm working on a couple of different projects where I can incorporated them into her room and she can enjoy them every day.

I'm also working on a fabric collage'. I'll just give you a sneak peak today...don't want to reveal too much in case someone is "snooping" the blog! HA! I have most of my pictures stitched to various fabrics...just have to finish getting it all together!

I'm hoping I can find a few hours today to sew. It's raining here so that means I won't be traveling to Rehoboth Ranch's open house. My husband was supposed to be demonstrating his Blacksmithing skills, but with all the rain, we won't be free day!! YIPPEE! (OH!! Guess we'll have to go get him fitted for his tux today...more wedding errands!)

Last weekend my sister, Miss Janice and I went to Farmersville to check out their town square and shop one of the Antique stores that was recently remodeled. I found this cute spice holder. It needs some work, so I'll be showing you the finished project....hmmm...that would be when I find some time!!! Maybe after the wedding I can reclaim my time...

Oh...the weekend after the wedding we're planning a 50th wedding anniversary for my parents...maybe after that weekend???

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

JVC Everio "Send Me To BlogHer '09 Sweepstakes:

JVC Everio "Send Me To BlogHer '09" Sweepstakes
I knew there was no way I was going to be able to attend this event - big wedding on May 30th so I felt I was just not going to find any "spare" money to afford this luxury (and this event is also SOLD OUT!)

HA! Guess what I found while randomly looking at various blogs today? A contest that is giving away not only a trip to BlogHer, but also a fablous (a wonderful Miss Janice word) JVC Everio Camcorder. Better yet....they're giving away four (4) Grand prize packages! Want to know what that includes? I'll tell you...

BlogHer ’09 Conference registration
Roundtrip airfare to the BlogHer ’09 Conference in Chicago, IL
Hotel accommodations for three nights
Food allowance
A JVC Everio camcorder

If you are a blogger and are interested in entering the Sweepstakes, please click here for more information! I hope to see you there! HA!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gallery Opening

Market Square Antiques has converted the upstairs space into an art gallery called The Art Loft. There is also an area that's been converted to classroom space for future classes.

Sandi and Keith hosted a grand opening of the Art Loft Saturday night.

Classroom area. Young artists were working on their own art piece to take home.

There was a lot of great art displayed.

We had a great time at the opening...and who can resist not shopping the Market Square Antiques - located on the lower level? There's always great finds in the store - one of my favorite stores in McKinney (especially since they stay open late many evenings!)

You can see the Art Gallery area above this booth. I love how it is open and airy upstairs.

Be sure to check out the Art Loft and Market Street Antiques whenever you come to McKinney!