Sunday, May 17, 2009

Muenster, TX.

Muenster TX is right on US Route 82...(between St. Jo and Lindsay...or Nocona and Gainesville if you want bigger cities.) Population 1, just you can't miss it! If you're driving from East to West you can see this little village painted on the side of one of the old buildings in Muenster as you drive by on 82.

Here's the rest of the painted village.

Looking down Main street toward US Route 82.

The Bird Nest is one of my favorite places to visit whenever I travel to Muenster.

Cindy Bartush and her husband were there Saturday afternoon welcoming strangers and chatting with locals. Cindy shared this has been one of her dreams to have her own store. She has a great variety of items...something for everyone.

She has many Garden items on hand. There were lovely statues, bird feeders and bird houses. Every where you look there is something to peak your interest.

I knew the minute I saw the small garden table by the front door that it was something Miss Janice would want to have!

The iron table and chairs had the cutest little birds and leaves surrounding the twigs and branches that make up the chairs and table.

Off to the right of the door is another room filled with many wonderful gifts...soaps, towels, jewelry, trinkets and treasures.

More garden items...look at all those cute little birds!
There are several other shops across the street...but it was getting late and our main purpose was to shop at Fischers Market, so we said goodbye to Cindy and headed to the Market.

Fischer's Market is great place to buy supplies for all my German cooking needs! I love how European the grocery store looks. There are many good ole' Texas staples inside, but when I'm ready to cook rouladen, or cook some good German sausage...nothing beats meat from Fischers.

The clock tower rings out the hour and plays music.

Well worth the drive for good meats, sausages, cheeses and various German market items, or for no other reason but to see some place new. Considering all the girls (and grandchildren) came with us...we had a fun fulled day! Now that they're all grown and on their own, it's a rare treat when we all can just be together on an adventure...for no reason.
They were all able to find something at Fischer's (I think everyone went home with a Strudel!)

3 Cowgurls said:

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

That painted village is just too cute. And what fun to shop in a grocery store with a clock tower. I saw several things I'd buy if I could shop in that antique store. Sure wish I lived closer. Thanks for the tour of a charming town. laurie

Caitlyn Bailee said...

hi! im from muenster. I found your blog by googling muenster and looking at the pictures that came up. I work at Christ's Jewelry and Gifts on Main St. A few weeks ago, someone pulled up to the curb and snapped a picture as my boyfriend was walking outside. I was just wondering if maybe it was you? I thoguht that it would be funny if I ended up finding the same picture online. He's not hard to spot, he's six foot four and a big german boy with blonde hair and blue eyes.
I'm happy to know that someone else loves muenster as much as i do :)


tank said...

Hey, I know that person! Caitlyn...well, I haven't met her, but she found my geocache ;) I too found your blog while Google-ing for Doc's schedule. They usually have a live band there on the weekends - I wish they'd post their schedule online somewhere! Anyway, great pictures - come back and see us again soon!