Friday, May 8, 2009

Potting Shed

I thought today I would show case one of my husband's projects!

Miss Janice contracted with my husband to build her a potting shed. She had been gathering bits and pieces of things she liked over several months and stored them in her garage. When she first spoke to Peter about her idea she presented him with the red door she found in a dumpster, the stained glass windows purchased in Forney, and the steel windows (taken from an old warehouse) that someone gave her for free. Believe it or not, they were throwing them out! They don't have all their glass panes, but makes for a cool working area in the summer.

She also showed him the design board she created from pictures she'd been saving from various magazines and books. She wanted him to take her ideas from the design board and turn them into a potting shed for her back yard.

The building was created then covered with cedar siding and given a tin roof.

Electricity was run to the building so she can have lights, both inside and out.

She also has a ceiling fan inside for extra "air" when it really gets hot.

She wanted the stained glass windows incorporated into the design some place.

So, Peter made them functional by creating a pulley system to enable opening them for extra air flow.

We found the vintage green enamel sink laying out in the elements in a junk yard while driving through Arkansas. We knew immediately she needed it for her potting shed.

She's still getting organized and finding just the right spot for all her treasures that help her in her gardening.

But over all...a lovely porch to sit and enjoy an ice tea during a rain storm!

4 Cowgurls said:

Steph said...

Wow! It has so much character. Love the pully system for the stain glass.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh, come build me one -- please! I love this. laurie

Cher said...

That's one good project! I wouldn't mind sittin' on that porch my own self!

The Texas Woman

Texasbelle said...

I think you should add photos of the words that reside over the sink now; the big DREAM in silver glitter letters, and the "This is where I belong" sign, soon to be joined by the "The Garden is My Happy Place" sign.