Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shopping Cart

Time is flying by and the wedding will be here before I know will First Monday - Canton weekend. How is it that both are on the same weekend? Oh well. The wedding is set for Saturday at 1:30, so...given ceremony, clean up, good night's sleep...I think I can make Canton on Sunday afternoon.

I've been revamping my shopping cart lately, and low and behold I see that Margo at Margo's Junkin' Journal created some cart liners using old burlap sacks. Too cute. Be sure and check it out...she's also selling the burlap sacks and a pattern. Several of her blog friends have already created new liners for their carts! Check it'll be wanting one!

I made my cart liner last year. I was tired of my "things" falling out as I traveled around Canton. I used some odds and ends of fabric in my stash...and all was good for about a year. I liked the black and red combo and was pleased with the over all look I had accomplished.

My next "add on" was to make a lid I could pull over the top and snap shut. Sometimes when I tip the cart onto two wheels, my stuff comes too close the the top and I wouldn't want to lose any treasures. It also helps make sure no one can see what's hiding inside-sometimes I have someone along with me that I'm buying a gift for and don't want them snooping!

I sewed the lid onto the liner, scalloped the edge and put a magnet closure on the pieces for easy opening and closing, and added a decorative button...just because.

The cart has been happily used as is for awhile. But, once again, I began to notice a deficiency in my design. next "add on" was a padded bottom. It never fails, the first item I buy is always breakable! Just Murphy's law. SO... now there's a soft cushion to prevent a breakable object from sitting right on the metal frame. Good to go, again!

All has been well with the cart since adding the padding. I had a friend borrow my cart and since I had all the "necessities" for shopping in Canton, she decided I needed one additional necessity - a drink holder. She kindly bought one to add to my cart, as payment for being able to borrow the cart on one of her shopping trips to Canton.

I can hang it off the front or the back...depending on how I'm driving (pushing or pulling.) It's a great asset when I'm trying to maneuver the gravel areas and when I need a free hand to shop!
You can find the drink holders at many of the cart places in Canton...and are well worth the money to add to your shopping pleasure.

On my last trip to Canton I saw this cute little metal basket...and I had a sudden brainy-ack I purchased the basket for $3.00, brought it home and added a padded insert for the bottom of it also. (Can't ever have enough padding for the breakables and valuables.)
Now all those small items, that always get lost in the bottom of the cart, can rest high above the larger and sound. I can also store my Kleenex and hand wipes for easy access. It fits right in the top of the cart...just like it was always meant to be!
SO...I'm ready for next First Monday Trade Days in Canton....look for me and my cart! I don't think I'll be tooooo tired from the wedding!

Till next time,

6 Cowgurls said:

Margo said...

That is a great design, Love the basket on top. I also have one of those drink holders, and couldn't live without it.
Thanks for blogging about my liners too.

Cher said...

Some great ideas there! I be doin' a couple of 'em myself!

The Texas Woman

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

How clever you are! Practical and pretty! I love it! laurie

Jeannette said...

Leaving for my 2nd Canton Days Adventure in a few weeks...the Oct.Trade Days...very excited! Iwould love a homemade liner like yours....having alot of trouble locating them online?? Can you help? I Love your design! Thanks, Jeannette

debianne said...

Hey Janette. Happy to help. Don't have an email address for you!

Jeannette said...

Would appreciate your
thanks again,