Saturday, May 16, 2009

So many projects, so little time

If you haven't daughter is getting married May 30th. So, with that sure seems like most of my time and energy is focused on finishing up all the last minute details. Most of the big items are off my list, but all those small errands and last minute details haven't been crossed off my list. Still much to accomplish.

I was able to spend some time in my sewing room yesterday. (What a mess!) I've been trying to get some things organized and labeled so I can quickly find what I'm looking for when I'm in the midst of planning a project.

I recently found a wonderful blog called Poppytalk . Poppytalk is a Canadian design blog collecting inspiration and promoting emerging design talent. I look forward to seeing what's new on their site every day. They have some great FREE downloads. One in particular I've used several times is the sheet of red labels. (Free downloads are here.)

I downloaded the sheet of red labels then typed the description of what was in each of my jars. All my jars are the same (we love to eat red cabbage or sauerkraut...and these little barrel jars are the best!) The only odd jar I have is filled with buttons my Grema gave me. I use these special buttons whenever I make something for my sister or my daughters. The small metal shelf I found buried in a pile of rubbish...with a little clean up and a spray of red now hangs close by my sewing machine. Perfect to hold my jars!

I found the jar filled with red buttons at a little boutique/antique store locally. It was so cheap. I figured they had no idea the treasure they had...and I got the jar to boot! I keep all my wooden spools in the other large jar.

I finished labeling all my jars and drawers, and was able to get some of my sewing projects organized.

I'm currently working on several projects, but can't seem to find that concentrated time I need to finish what' I've begun. I find I'm being pulled away constantly and several projects been sitting on my cutting table for a couple of weeks.

The first is a pillow top for Miss Janice's Library/Cowgirl room. I found these small Texas luncheon napkins recently. Miss Janice was VERY disappointed she didn't see them first. I think she was hoping I would offer them to her...but I knew she would only use them occasionally, so I'm working on a couple of different projects where I can incorporated them into her room and she can enjoy them every day.

I'm also working on a fabric collage'. I'll just give you a sneak peak today...don't want to reveal too much in case someone is "snooping" the blog! HA! I have most of my pictures stitched to various fabrics...just have to finish getting it all together!

I'm hoping I can find a few hours today to sew. It's raining here so that means I won't be traveling to Rehoboth Ranch's open house. My husband was supposed to be demonstrating his Blacksmithing skills, but with all the rain, we won't be free day!! YIPPEE! (OH!! Guess we'll have to go get him fitted for his tux today...more wedding errands!)

Last weekend my sister, Miss Janice and I went to Farmersville to check out their town square and shop one of the Antique stores that was recently remodeled. I found this cute spice holder. It needs some work, so I'll be showing you the finished project....hmmm...that would be when I find some time!!! Maybe after the wedding I can reclaim my time...

Oh...the weekend after the wedding we're planning a 50th wedding anniversary for my parents...maybe after that weekend???

3 Cowgurls said:

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Even your organizing looks pretty! Isn't it wonderful when everything has a place, and you can find it when you need it? Those Western fabrics are delightful. I look forward to seeing the finished projects. laurie

Texasbelle said...

Snoop?? I prefer 'subscribing'; maybe 'observing' or 'appreciating'.

Looking forward to what your creativity will amaze me with next.

Glad you got a 'stay at home' (for the most part)day.

Hollace said...

We're getting ready for my daughter's wedding, too, but it is in July. What makes it so exciting (Nerve-wracking?)is that his relatives are coming for a month before the wedding to stay with us from Africa. They've never been to the US so we want to have everything done ahead in order to be able to show them around...
Why am I sitting here at the computer? I should get busy!

Best wishes on your wonderful celebration.