Monday, June 8, 2009

Denison TX

I feel like I've been gone from blogland forever. Wedding is over, honeymooners have returned and my girlfriend, RT, has gone home to Florida!

I met RT in college and we became great friends (more like opposite attracts.) After college we lived together in New York and we've kept in touch for 36 years! Friends have come and gone in all those years, but the Lord continues to solidify our bond and today we are more sisters than long time friends. She has been there for me during events large and small. Hard times and good...she is a treasure and we enjoy any time we can spend together. I try to get to Florida yearly to spend time with her...she doesn't come here as often, but we speak weekly so it never feels like time has past when we do get together.

Before RT left we had a wonderful week together. It's been 7 years since she's visited here, so we had much to catch up on and many new places to visit. We only had a it was a whirlwind. We cushioned in down time to recoup from the wedding, but also planned some day trips to shop and enjoy the Texas scenery.

We spent one enjoyable day in Denison, TX. Denison is one of my favorite shopping spots - and one antique mall in particular always has great displays. I love all the aqua items grouped together! Really makes a statement.

There is also a REAL service station in Denison. Of course, as always you can self serve OR...

There is full service! I couldn't believe it was a full service station!

Of course, I have my own "full service" attendant! He takes good care of me!

My other favorite place in Denison is Peggy Sue's Diner. It's a cute little place in an old gas station.

I love the outdoor seating. It was a very "cool" June day when we visited. (That would mean a day in the 80's.)

The inside is done in a retro decor with red benches and chairs.

There's also a juke box with loads of great songs.

We opted to sit outside and enjoy the day. Denison City Hall is across the street.

The menu is varied and offers a variety of home cooking.

It's off the main street, so not a lot of traffic on this side street, which made for a quiet lunch.
All in was a great day and more special memories were created to add to our scrapbook of moments together.

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