Wednesday, June 17, 2009


In case you weren't aware...I've been away! We are currently in Pensacola, Florida. We left last Friday and will be returning to Texas this Friday. Time at the beach...just time away... has been wonderful!

This is our view from the balcony - bay on the left and Gulf on the right...who could ask for more?
We brought our granddaughter with us, so we've been busy, busy between the beach and the pool. Oh to have that kind of energy again.
We've had great fun sightseeing also. We found the Pensacola Historic district and the Historic Pensacola Village. We wandered through the buildings and sites around there for a day. These are some of the restored buildings.

1890 Lear-Rocheblave House

1832 Old Christ Church

Julee Cottage 1805

Lauren liked driving on the old train!

Well, it's still early, but we'll be off to the beach soon!

More on Pensacola soon (hopefully...I am on vacation, you know!)

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